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TRB Committees

Listed below are Transportation Research Board standing committees that address environmental issues as part of their research activities. The TRB links include a scope statement and member list for each committee. When available, a direct link to the committee's website is provided. For a list of all TRB standing committees, link here

Transportation Research Board Environment-Related Committees

Alternative Transportation Fuels and Technologies Committee  ADC80
Bicycle Transportation Committee  ANF20
Ecology and Transportation Committee ADC30
Environmental Analysis in Transportation Committee ADC10
Environmental Impacts of Aviation Committee  AV030
Environmental Issues in Transportation Law Committee AL050
Environmental Justice in Transportation Committee  ADD50
Geographic Information Science and Applications Committee ABJ60
Historic and Archaeological Preservation in Transportation Committee  ADC50
Landscape and Environmental Design Committee AFB40
Pedestrian Committee ANF10
Planning and Environment Group AD000
Transportation Energy Committee ADC70
Transportation and Land Development ADD30
Transportation and Sustainability Committee  ADD40
Transportation and Air Quality Committee ADC20
Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration Committee  ADC40
Waste Management and Resource Efficiency in Transportation Committee ADC60

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