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Environmental Management Systems Products

EMS Implementation Guide

The EMS Implementation guide includes an overview of EMS, how an EMS relates to DOT activities, an EMS Process Roadmap, six EMS templates relating to specific DOT functions (attachment 1), and nine case studies. In addition, the guide contains sample exercises for implementing the process road map (workshop instructions one and two).

Download the entire guide [ZIP 6.40mb] - Manual, Instructions, Attatchment, 9 Case Studies or download separately below.

EMS Manual [PDF 346 kb]
EMS Workshop Instructions Part 1 [PDF 46 kb]
EMS Workshop Instructions Part 2 [PDF 44 kb]
Attachment 1 of EMS Manual [PDF 144 kb]
Case Study 1 - FL [PDF 838 kb]
Case Study 2 - TX [PDF 141 kb]
Case Study 3 - MD [PDF 44 kb]
Case Study 4 - WS [PDF 30 kb]
Case Study 5 - ME [PDF 959 kb]
Case Study 6 - MA [PDF 3 MB]
Case Study 7 - NH [PDF 110 kb]
Case Study 8 - NY [PDF 72 kb]
Case Study 9 - PA [PDF 213 kb]

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EMS Workshop Presentations 2003

The Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO held a workshop on Environmental Management Systems (EMS) on August 11 - 13, 2003. An agenda along with the powerpoint presentations from each of the presenters are listed below.

AASHTO EMS Conference Program Agenda [PDF 49 kb]
1st Panel    
PennDot's Strategic Environmental Management Program Gary Hoffman (AASHTO) [PDF 160 kb]
Strategic Environmental Management Programs Jim Slaugenhoup
[PDF 2 MB]
2nd Panel    
Florida's ETDM Process Leroy Irwin (FDOT) [PDF 1 MB]
North Carolina's Environmental Management Framework Janet D'lgnazio (NCDOT) [PDF 41 kb]
Environmental Management System:Bureau of Maintenance & Operations Christine Olson
[PDF 3 MB]
3rd Panel    
A Case Study in Environmental Management: Water Pollution Management Raja Veeramachaneni
[PDF 113 MB]
Environmental Management Systems Frederic Murphy [PDF 730 kb]
TxDOT's Vision Statement Noble (TxDOT) [PDF 508 kb]
EMS Fundamentals   [PDF 346 kb]
EMS Implementation Success at New York City Transit Ajay Singh (NYCTransit) [PDF 116 kb]
Welcome from the City of Scottsdale Ed Gawf
(City of Scottsdale)
[PDF 1 MB]

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