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Practitioner's Handbooks

Practitioner's Handbooks Resource Materials:
07 Defining the Purpose and Need and Determining the Range of Alternatives for Transportation Projects (August 2016)

CEQ, “Forty Most Asked Questions Concerning CEQ’s NEPA Regulations” (Mar. 16, 1981)

FHWA, “The Importance of Purpose and Need in Environmental Documents” (Sept. 18, 1990)

J. Connaughton, Chairman, CEQ, Letter to N. Mineta, Secretary, USDOT (May 12, 2003)

M. Peters, Administrator, FHWA, and J. Dorn, Administrator, FTA, “Guidance on ‘Purpose and Need’” (July 23, 2003)

D.J. Gribbin, Chief Counsel, FHWA, “NEPA Analysis for Toll Roads” (Oct. 15, 2004)

E.O. 13274 Purpose and Need Work Group, “Baseline Report” (March 15, 2005)

FHWA, et al., “Synchronizing Environmental Reviews for Transportation and Other Infrastructure Projects: 2015 Red Book” (Sept. 2015)

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