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Practitioner's Handbooks

Practitioner's Handbooks Resource Materials:
10 Using the Transportation Planning Process to Support the NEPA Process

FHWA and FTA, "Guidance on Linking Transportation Planning and NEPA Documents" (Feb. 14, 2007) (Appendix A to 23 CFR 450)

FHWA and FTA, "Legal Memorandum: Integration of Planning and NEPA Processes" (Feb. 22, 2005)

"Eco-Logical: An Ecosystem Approach to Developing Infrastructure Projects"

D. Emerson and C. Hoeffner, "Improved Linkages Between the Transportation Systems Planning and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)," NCHRP 36-36A, Task 48 (2006)

A. Amedkudzi and M. Meyer, "Consideration of Environmental Factors in Transportation Systems Planning," NCHRP Report 541 (2005)

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies web site, "State Wildlife Action Plans: Full Text" (for copies of all published State Wildlife Action Plans)

FHWA web site, "Planning and Environment Linkages"

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AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
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