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DOT-Funded Positions Report

The Center Report on DOT-Funded Positions at Resource and Regulatory Agencies for Environmental Stewardship and Streamlining Initiatives presents information on improvements to project delivery, trends in funded positions, the distribution of funded positions amongst resource agencies, administrative aspects of funding arrangements, performance measures and lessons learned. A comprehensive list of program management resources is provided in Appendix E; which includes online links for all referenced resources.

Report: DOT-Funded Positions and Other Support to Resource and Regulatory Agencies, Tribes, and Non-Governmental Organizations for Environmental Stewardship and Streamlining Initiatives

[PDF 248 kb]
Appendix A: DOT Supported Positions at Federal and State Resource Agencies, Local Governments, and Tribes, 2005, and Changes from 2003

[PDF 413 kb]
Appendix B: Regulatory Focus Areas of Federal Agencies

[PDF 77 kb]
Appendix C: DOT-Funded Positions Involved in Extensive, Multi-Agency Process Improvement Efforts

[PDF 64 kb]
Appendix D: DOT Performance Measurement Systems for DOT Funded Positions at Resource Agencies

[PDF 79 kb]
Appendix E: Agreements and Management Tools for DOT-Funded Positions and Support Activities

[PDF 54 kb]
  Appendix E Online Resources Links [HTML]

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