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Reports & Publications

DOT-Funded Positions Report
Appendix E - Agreements and Management Tools for DOT-Funded Positions and Support Activities

DOT-Funded Position Program Manuals and Tools

Florida DOT Funded Positions Reference Guide
[PDF 5 mb]
NCDOT Funded Position Program Manual [PDF 466 kb]
NCDOT’s Performance Assessment Form [PDF 8 kb]
NCDOT’s Ethics Policy [PDF 16 kb]

Workload Tracking, Monthly, and Quarterly Performance Tools

KYTC’s Monthly Reporting Template [PDF 9 kb]
MDSHA Performance Tracking Tools (Timesheet and Project Log, Quarterly Report Template) [PDF 47 kb]
NJDOT-SHPO Quarterly Performance Summary [PDF 657 kb]
NMDOT-SHPO Project Status Tracking Form [PDF 14 kb]
Ohio DOT’s Monthly Focus Report for Environmental Services [PDF 55 kb]
WSDOT-FWS & NOAA Fisheries Quarterly Reporting Information – Quantitative and Narrative Information [PDF 18 kb]

Annual Report Tools, Questions, and Formats

Colorado DOT Initial FWS Liaison Evaluation Questions [PDF 9 kb]
MDSHA Agency Evaluation Form [PDF 77 kb]
NCDOT’s Annual Report & Performance Assessment Format [PDF 8 kb]
PennDOT Performance Review Standards For Interagency Funding Agreements [PDF 15 kb]

Agreements with Federal Resource Agencies

Multi-Agency Agreements
FDOT-FHWA Agency Funding Agreement with all Federal and State Resource Agencies
[PDF 163 kb]
FDOT-FHWA Agency Operating Agreement with all Federal and State Resource Agencies [PDF 89 kb]
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Arizona DOT-USACE Letter of Intent
[PDF 722 kb]
FHWA-USACE Cooperative Agreement for I-69 Streamlining [PDF 32 kb]
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
MDSHA-EPA Scope of Work for Services [PDF 36 kb]
FHWA-EPA I-69 Streamlining Agreement (Texas) [PDF 30 kb]
PennDOT-EPA Intergovernmental Cooperation Act Agreement [PDF 125 kb]
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS)
FHWA-FWS I-69 Agreement (Texas) [PDF 380 kb]
Arkansas Highways-FWS Cooperative Agreement [PDF 3.4 MB]
Caltrans-FWS Agreement [PDF 815 kb]
Colorado DOT-FWS Liaison Position Description [PDF 13 kb]
FDOT-FHWA-FWS Funding Agreement [PDF 45 kb]
FDOT-FHWA-FWS Operating Agreement [PDF 56 kb]
Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)-FWS- MOA on Procedures Relating to Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act [PDF 93 kb]
Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development –FHWA-FWS Agreement on Reimbursement [PDF 27 kb]
Montana DOT-FHWA-FWS Cooperative Agreement Relative to Priority Highway Construction Project Review [PDF 279 kb]
PennDOT-USFWS Memo of Understanding [PDF 68 kb]
USDA Forest Service and US Dept. of Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Arizona DOT-FHWA-Bureau of Land Management (BLM) MOU [PDF 160 kb]

State Resource Agency Agreements & Position Descriptions

State Environmental Protection Agency and Early Natural Areas Identification and Restoration/Mitigation Site Identification
FDOT-DEP-FHWA Funding Agreement
[PDF 4.1 mb]
MaineDOT-Maine Dept. of Environmental Conservation Natural Areas Program [PDF 160 kb]
Montana (MDT) and Montana Parks Cooperative Agreement [PDF 39 kb]
WSDOT-Department of Ecology Memo of Agreement [PDF 26 kb]
State DNR/Wildlife
PennDOT-Pennsylvania Game Commission Memo of Understanding [PDF 51 kb]
State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO)
Arkansas Highways-Arkansas Department of Heritage MOU [PDF 1.5 mb]
Arizona DOT-SHPO Memo of Understanding [PDF 160 kb]
Arizona DOT-SHPO Letter of Intent [PDF 107 kb]
FDOT-SHPO Funding Agreement [PDF 43 kb]
FDOT-SHPO Operating Agreement [PDF 76 kb]
Idaho Transportation Department (ITD)-SHPO Agreement [PDF 13 kb]
Indiana DOT-FHWA-SHPO Agreement [PDF 33 kb]
Louisiana Dept. of Transportation and Development (LADOTD)-SHPO Agreement [PDF 27 kb]
MaineDOT-Historic Preservation Commission Services Agreement [PDF 645 kb]
PennDOT- Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission MOU [PDF 40 kb]
TxDOT- Texas Historical Commission Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 53 kb]
State Water Quality Agencies
FDOT-FHWA-DEP Water Funding and Operating Agreements
[PDF 210 kb]
FDOT-FHWA-NW Florida Water Management District Funding Agreement [PDF 40 kb]
FDOT-FHWA-NW Florida Water Management District Operating Agreement [PDF 73 kb]
NMDOT-NM Environment Dept. Joint Powers Agreement [PDF 9 kb]
Other- Agriculture/Community Services
PennDOT-Department of Agriculture Memorandum of Understanding [PDF 40 kb]

Programmatic Tools/Products Developed by DOT-Funded Positions

CDOT-FHWA-FWS Programmatic Approach to Section 7 Based on 20 year plan
Memorandum of Understanding [HTML]
NHDOT-SHPO Archaeological Standards and Guidelines [PDF 193 kb]
NHDOT / NH Division of Historical Resources Area Form [PDF 17 kb]
NHDOT How to Complete the NH Division of Historical Resources Area Form [PDF 102 kb]
NHDOT / NH Division of Historical Resources Individual Inventory Form [PDF 21 kb]
NHDOT How to Complete the NH DHR Individual Inventory Form [PDF 90 kb]
NHDOT Check List for Completing Survey Forms [PDF 31 kb]
Texas I-69 Tiered Process Manual (in conjunction with TxDOT staff and consultants) [PDF 3 mb]
Texas I-69 Interagency Agreement [PDF 380 kb]
See WSDOT TPEAC products listed in Appendix C [PDF 64 kb]

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