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The NCHRP 25-25(04) Final Report Environmental Stewardship Practices, Procedures, and Policies for Highway Construction and Maintenance is presented in both HTML (the online language of the Internet) and Adobe Acrobat format.

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Adobe Acrobat formatted files (or pdf files) offer enhanced navigation options with a document file, including text searching, zooming, printing, and file downloading/saving.
When using the Compendium, begin with the Detailed Table of Contents. This link appears near the top of the navigation menu (in the right-hand column) and displays a detailed outline of the manual contents. The outline is comprised of links that will direct you to content sections of interest.

A hard copy of the Compendium may be obtained by printing individual chapters. Printable chapters may be accessed from the drop-down menu at the top of each chapter page, titled “Chapter <x> Printable Documents”. The entire document is too large to download from the Internet as one file.

About Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Files
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and Research Approach
Chapter 2: Organizational Environmental Stewardship Practices
Chapter 3: Designing for Environmental Stewardship in Construction & Maintenance
Chapter 4: Construction Practices for Environmental Stewardship
Chapter 5: Pavement, Materials, and Recycling
Chapter 6: Maintenance Facilities Management
Chapter 7: Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 8: Winter Operations and Salt, Sand and Chemical Management
Chapter 9: Roadside Vegetation Management
Chapter 10: Roadside Management and Maintenance: Beyond Vegetation
Chapter 11: Appendix
Lists: Examples | Tables | Figures
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