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Chapter 10
Roadside Management and Maintenance: Beyond Vegetation
10.8. Management of Portable Sanitary/Septic Waste Systems

Sanitary/septic waste management procedures and practices are designed to minimize or eliminate the discharge of sanitary/septic waste materials to storm drain systems or watercourses and should be implemented for all maintenance activities that use portable sanitary/septic waste systems. [N]

  • Sanitary facilities should be located away from drainage facilities and watercourses. When subjected to risk of high winds, sanitary facilities should be secured to prevent overturning.
  • Wastewater should not be discharged (unless the discharge is to a permitted leach field or pond) or buried within the highway right-of-way.
  • Sanitary/septic waste should be discharged to a sanitary sewer or managed by a licensed hauler.
  • Sanitary/septic waste storage and the disposal procedures should be managed to prevent non-stormwater discharge.
  • A foreman and/or construction supervisor should monitor on-site sanitary/septic waste storage and disposal procedures.
  • For emergency procedures related to large spills, review the District Hazardous Materials Spill Contingency Plan.


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Table of Contents
Chapter 10
Roadside Management and Maintenance: Beyond Vegetation
10.1 Environmental Enhancement Practices and Partnership Efforts
10.2 Protection of Historic and Other Cultural Resources
10.3 Maintenance in Wetlands
10.4 Maintenance Near Waterbodies
10.5 Maintenance of Structures for Wildlife
10.6 Maintenance of Stormwater Facilities
10.7 Maintenance of Roadside Public Facilities
10.8 Management of Portable Sanitary/Septic Waste Systems
10.9 Maintenance of Shoulders and Roadway Appurtenances
10.10 Sweeping and Vacuuming of Roads, Decks, Water Quality Facilities, and Bridge Scuppers
10.11 Maintenance Stewardship Practices for Slopes, Drainage Ditches, Swales, and Diversions
10.12 Erosion and Sediment Control in Maintenance
10.13 Recycling in Roadside Maintenance Operations
10.14 Preserving Air Quality in Maintenance and Operations
10.15 Painting Operation Stormwater BMPs
10.16 Road Waste Management
10.17 Stockpiling, Spoil Disposal or Placement of Inert Fill
10.18 Maintenance of Soils
10.19 Emergency Actions
10.20 Field Review of Roadside Maintenance Operations
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