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Chapter 1
Introduction and Research Approach
1.6. Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability

DOTs are in the process of developing and implementing a wide range of environmental stewardship practices, which should never be viewed as complete. This effort is merely a compendium or wide-ranging overview or sample of practices that currently exist. The reader or user should note that the practices contained in this report should not be considered complete, sufficient, or all-inclusive. Gaps in environmental practice exist and the absence or omission of practices in certain lists does not mean that there are not further practices that could or should be employed.

DOTs are urged to develop and apply practices with consideration for what is appropriate in their own state, on particular projects, and in particular environments, with special attention to legal requirements and public and worker safety. The necessary permits and/or approvals for the operation a DOT is undertaking should always be obtained. The practices herein should not be construed to meet regulatory, safety, or other requirements; practitioners should consult with environmental, legal, and other specialty personnel in their own state to decide which practices are appropriate to use, what if any gaps remain, and how practices should be employed and remaining needs addressed. As this effort was intended to help states proactively steward the environment and not to meet particular requirements in individual states, practices herein are presented as recommended actions or "should" (not "shall") statements. Compliance with all legal and safety requirements and avoidance of any sort of negligence, and the responsibility for identifying and implementing appropriate practice to achieve or maintain such performance, remains the responsibility of the implementing agency staff and associated regulatory agencies. DOTs, DOT staff, and resource agency associates who may use this work are entirely responsible for how they choose and apply environmental practices, whether included in this report or not, and for ensuring that all appropriate practices are applied and standards are enforced within a standard of care for which they take full responsibility.


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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Introduction and Research Approach
1.1 Problem Statement and Research Objectives
1.2 The Trend Toward Environmental Stewardship
1.3 Scope of Study and Definition of Environmental Stewardship Practices
1.4 Research Approach
1.5 Research Uses
1.6 Disclaimer/Limitation of Liability
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