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Chapter 8 (Revised August 2013)
Winter Operations and Salt, Sand, and Chemical Management
8. Appendix A - Acronyms

ABP - agricultural bi-product

ATR - automatic traffic recorders

AVL - Automatic Vehicle Location

BMP - best management practice

BOD - biological oxygen demand

Ca - calcium

CaCl2 - calcium chloride

CCTV - closed circuit television

Cl - chloride

CMA - calcium magnesium acetate

CPU - central processing unit

DLA - direct liquid application

DO - dissolved oxygen

DOT - Department of Transportation

EDTM - efficient transportation decision making

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

EPG - environmental planning group

ESS - Environmental Sensing Station

FAST - fixed automated spray technology

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration

Ft - foot

g/kg - grams per kilogram

GPS - Global Positioning System

Hr - hour

IRT - infrared thermometer

ITS - intelligent transportation system

KAc - potassium acetate

KFm - potassium formate

Kg/gm2 - kilograms per square kilometer

KPM - key performance measures

Lbs/l-m - pounds per lane mile

LIBS - laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy

LIF - laser-induced fluorescence

LOS - level of service

M - meter

MCA - multiple classification analysis

MDS - material distribution systems

MDSS - Maintenance Decision Support System

Mg - magnesium

Mg/kg - milligram per kilogram

Mg/L - milligrams per liter

MgCl2 - magnesium chloride

MLR - multimodal logistic regression

Na - sodium

NaAc - sodium acetate

NaCl - sodium chloride, salt

NaFm - sodium formate

NCAR - National Center for Atmospheric Research

PDO - property damage only

PSIC - pavement ice condition index

RITA - Research and Innovative Technology Administration

RPM - revolutions per minute

RPU - remote processing unit

RWIS - Road Weather Information System

SMP - Salt Management Plan

TAC - Transportation Association of Canada

WIM - weight in motion

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Table of Contents
Chapter 8
Winter Operations and Salt, Sand, and Chemical Management
8.0 Introduction
8.1 Selecting Snow and Ice Control Materials to Mitigate Environmental Impacts
8.2 Reducing Sand Usage and Managing Traction Materials
8.3 Strategic Planning for Reduced Salt Usage
8.4 Stewardship Practices for Reducing Salt, Sand and Chemical Usage
8.5 Precision Application to Manage and Reduce Chemical Applications
8.6 Monitoring and Recordkeeping
8.7 Winter Operations Facilities Management
8.8 Training for Salt Management and Winter Maintenance Operations
  Appendix A - Acronyms
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