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List of Examples
List of Examples

Example 1 Mass Highway Process for Managing Environmental Requirements
Example 2 PennDOT Maintenance Performance Measures Pertaining to Environment
Example 3 NYSDOT Initiative - Environmental Benefit Projects
Example 4 Aesthetic Treatments Discussed in TxDOT Guidelines for Aesthetic Design - Site Amenities & Public Art
Example 5 Federal Lands Highway Special Aesthetic Treatment Categories
Example 6 Environmentally Sensitive Channel- and Bank-Protection Measures to be Included in NCHRP
Example 7 List of Salt Tolerant Trees and Shrubs
Example 8 Factors to Consider in Roadway and Bridge Planning Design to Minimize Snow Accumulation & Salt Usage
Example 9 Monitoring Related Elements of the Boston Central Artery Noise Control Specification
Example 10 Specifications and Materials Descriptions for Barriers from the Boston Central Artery and Tunnel Construction Noise Control Spec
Example 11 Mn/DOT Specification for Protection and Restoration of Vegetation Construction Elements 4
Example 12 Uses of Recycled Asphalt Pavement
Example 13 Uses of Recycled Bottom Ash and Boiler Slag
Example 14 South Dakota DOT Gravel Roads Maintenance and Design Manual Sections
Example 15 NYSDOT Maintenance Practices in Areas with Cultural Resources
Example 16 Florida DOT Environmental Policy
Example 17 Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Environmental Policy
Example 18 Maine DOT Environmental Policy
Example 19 North Carolina DOT Environmental Stewardship Policy
Example 20 PennDOT's Green Plan Policy Statement
Example 21 Washington State DOT Environmental Policy
Example 22 New South Wales Roads and Traffic Authority Environmental Policy
Example 23 Maine DOT Environmental and Safety Auditing Policy and Procedure
Example 24 Mass Highway Compliance Tracking Procedure for Facilities
Example 25 Mass Highway Self-Audit Procedure
Example 26 Mass Highway Facility Self-Audit Checklist
Example 27 Mass Highway Environmental Roles & Responsibilities
Example 28 PennDOT Stockpile Quality Assurance Responsibilities
Example 29 PennDOT 15-Minute Stockpile Walkaround Checklist
Example 30 PennDOT Stockpile Snapshot
Example 31 PennDOT Maintenance Stockpile Activity Protocol
Example 32 PennDOT Post-Storm Salt Management Tracking Responsibilities
Example 33 NYSDOT-DEC Deer Carcass Composting - Practice Guidelines 1
Example 34 NYSDOT's Draft Metric for Assessing Performance of Integrated Vegetation Management on the ROW
Example 35 NCDOT Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines in Marked Areas
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and Research Approach
Chapter 2: Organizational Environmental Stewardship Practices
Chapter 3: Designing for Environmental Stewardship in Construction & Maintenance
Chapter 4: Construction Practices for Environmental Stewardship
Chapter 5: Pavement, Materials, and Recycling
Chapter 6: Maintenance Facilities Management
Chapter 7: Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 8: Winter Operations and Salt, Sand and Chemical Management
Chapter 9: Roadside Vegetation Management
Chapter 10: Roadside Management and Maintenance: Beyond Vegetation
Chapter 11: Appendix
Lists: Examples | Tables | Figures
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