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List of Figures
List of Figures

Figure 1 Sample WSDOT Annual Maintenance Accountability Process Results
Figure 2 Lincoln, NH White Mountain Trail
Figure 3 NH White Mountain Trail Bridge
Figure 4 Arkansas SHDT Historic Bridge and Native Stone Retaining Wall
Figure 5 NHDOT Smith Millennium Covered Bridge
Figure 6 Projected Snow Drift with and without Snow Fence in Place
Figure 7 Prefabricated Bridge Construction - Hawaii
Figure 8 TxDOT Bats in Bridge Retrofit Partnership
Figure 9 Night Roosts Located in Open Spaces between Bridge Beams. (BCI)
Figure 10 Texas Bat-Abode for crevice-dwelling species. (BCI)
Figure 11 Big-eared Bat-Abode. Credit: Bat Conservation International.
Figure 12 Oregon Wedge
Figure 13 Bat-domed culvert. Graphics courtesy of TxDOT and BCI.
Figure 14 TxDOT's Concrete Version of the Oregon Wedge
Figure 15 Shrouded Power Tools
Figure 16 ODOT Special Management Area Maintenance Sign
Figure 17 Field Crews Collect Information on Stormwater Retrofit Needs at MDOT Stream Crossings
Figure 18 Mn/DOT Ditch Stabilization Matrix with Recommended Treatment Methods
Figure 19 Compost Blanket on Steep Slope on Federal Highway Helped Restore Slide and Re-establish Vegetation Restoration Despite Severe Drought
Figure 20 Maine DOT Corrective Action Request Form
Figure 21 PennDOT District 10 Strategic Environmental Management Program Training Table
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and Research Approach
Chapter 2: Organizational Environmental Stewardship Practices
Chapter 3: Designing for Environmental Stewardship in Construction & Maintenance
Chapter 4: Construction Practices for Environmental Stewardship
Chapter 5: Pavement, Materials, and Recycling
Chapter 6: Maintenance Facilities Management
Chapter 7: Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 8: Winter Operations and Salt, Sand and Chemical Management
Chapter 9: Roadside Vegetation Management
Chapter 10: Roadside Management and Maintenance: Beyond Vegetation
Chapter 11: Appendix
Lists: Examples | Tables | Figures
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