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List of Tables
List of Tables

Table 1 Maintenance Activities and Associated Environmental Aspects and Impacts at the New South Wales, Australia Roads and Traffic Authority (NSW RTA)
Table 2 Construction Activities and Associated Environmental Aspects and Impacts at NSW RTA
Table 3 Characteristics and Examples of ISO Consistent and ISO 14001 Registered Organizations
Table 4 Comparison between NSW RTA EMS and Elements of ISO 14001
Table 5 State DOTs Recognizing Outstanding Environmental Work
Table 6 NYSDOT Performance Program for Environmental Support Staff in Construction
Table 7 NYSDOT Maintenance and Construction Environmental Coordinators Recommended Training Priorities
Table 8 U.S. Forest Service Wildlife Crossing Toolkit Guide to Culverts
Table 9 BMPs for Minimization of Salt-Related Impacts
Table 10 BMP Characteristics and Impact on Minimization of Salt-Related Impacts
Table 11 FHWA Summary of Known Uses in Waste Applications
Table 12 Critical Nighttime Construction Noise Generators
Table 13 Construction Equipment Noise Control Options
Table 14 Recycled Materials Applications - FHWA
Table 15 Non-Pavement Applications for Glass Cullet - TxDOT/TTI
Table 16 Regulations Impacting the Bridge Painting Industry
Table 17 Mass Highway Pollution Prevention Initiatives by Media
Table 18 Mass Highway Waste Material Disposal & Recycling Rates
Table 19 Texas Environmental Commitment Checklist
Table 20 Mass Highway Compliance Tracking Roles and Responsibilities
Table 21 Mass Highway Compliance Tracking Roles and Responsibilities
Table 22 Mass Highway Environmental Section EMS Roles and Responsibilities
Table 23 Mass Highway Operations Division EMS Roles and Responsibilities
Table 24 Mass Highway District EMS Roles and Responsibilities
Table 25 Mass Highway Training Expectations By Role
Table 26 Mass Highway Environmental Training Program Roles and Responsibilities
Table 27 PennDOT District 10 Strategic Environmental Management Program Responsibility Table
Table 28 NYSDOT Construction Environmental Sample Training Schedule
Table 29 Risk, Compliance Issues, and Management Examples for Highway-Generated Waste - Oregon DOT
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction and Research Approach
Chapter 2: Organizational Environmental Stewardship Practices
Chapter 3: Designing for Environmental Stewardship in Construction & Maintenance
Chapter 4: Construction Practices for Environmental Stewardship
Chapter 5: Pavement, Materials, and Recycling
Chapter 6: Maintenance Facilities Management
Chapter 7: Bridge Maintenance
Chapter 8: Winter Operations and Salt, Sand and Chemical Management
Chapter 9: Roadside Vegetation Management
Chapter 10: Roadside Management and Maintenance: Beyond Vegetation
Chapter 11: Appendix
Lists: Examples | Tables | Figures
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