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Welcome to Wildlife & Roads

A resource for mitigating the effects of roads on wildlife using
wildlife crossings such as overpasses, underpasses, and crosswalks.

This website is a dynamic part of a National Cooperative Highway Research Program sponsored research project titled Evaluation of the Use and Effectiveness of Wildlife Crossings.

This site is to be used as a resource for those interested in mitigating the effects of roads on wildlife. It is a central place to learn of the latest mitigation methods used throughout North America. These mitigation methods are aimed at both the drivers of vehicles and the animals that may enter the roadway.

Resources within this site focus on ecological implications of roads and mitigation, and the safety aspect of animal-vehicle collisions. The site was created as a part of this NCHRP sponsored project through the work of 9 ecologists and engineers, and one web developer. It is also the compilation of the work of transportation professionals and biologists, engineers, planners, researchers, activists, and consultants across North America. It is for these people and others that this website was created and who we are indebted to for their support.

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