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9/12/03 6-2 Transportation Policy With 20 Days to Go, Lawmakers Now Arguing Over TEA-21 Extension
9/12/03 6-2 Environmental Streamlining New Hampshire Highway Project Clears Key Environmental Obstacle
9/12/03 6-2 Water Quality/Wetlands N.H. Supreme Court Overturns Denial Of Wetlands Permit for Road Expansion
9/12/03 6-2 NEPA DOT Seeking Supreme Court Review Of Ruling Over Access for Mexican Trucks
9/12/03 6-2 Environmental Stewardship ARTBA 'Globe Awards' Recognize Environmental Excellence in Construction
9/12/03 6-2 Environmental Justice Report Says EPA, DOT, Other Agencies Have Not Fully Implemented 1994 EJ Order
9/12/03 6-2 Invasive Species Lack of Requirement to Control Species Cited as Major Drawback in Current Law
9/12/03 6-2 Brownfields FY 2004 Agency Funding Legislation Expands Communities Eligible for Grants
9/26/03 6-4 NEPA White House Task Force Releases Report To Expedite Federal Environmental Reviews
9/26/03 6-4 Environmental Streamlining Officials Say Year-Old Effort to Streamline Transportation Projects Considered a Success
9/26/03 6-4 Historic Preservation Advisory Council Proposes Changes To Rules Governing Section 106 Reviews
9/26/03 6-4 Transportation Policy Report Charges That Highway Lobby Money Yields Weakened Environmental Policy
9/26/03 6-4 Air Quality Conference Committee's Draft Report Urges Study on Alternatives to CAFE Rule
9/26/03 6-4 Air Quality More Diesel Trucks Could Cut Emissions, Improve U.S. Fuel Economy, Report Says
9/26/03 6-4 Endangered Species Western State Governors Urge Reform of Endangered Species Act
10/3/03 6-5 Environmental Stewardship AASHTO Center Offers One-stop Source for Environmental Information
10/3/03 6-5 Transportation Policy As Congestion Worsens, Americans Spend More Time Each Year Stuck Sitting in Traffic
10/3/03 6-5 Land Use N.C. Study Finds Road Projects Have Little Impact on Local Growth
10/3/03 6-5 Air Quality EPA to Provide Air Quality Forecasts Based on Particulate Matter in 146 Cities
10/3/03 6-5 Air Quality EPA Downgrades Metropolitan Atlanta To Severe Nonattainment Area for Ozone
10/3/03 6-5 Endangered Species Critical Habitat Designations Hampered By Litigation; Guidance Needed, GAO Reports
10/3/03 6-5 Water Quality/Wetlands First Public Listing Indicates MTBE Found in 27 States, Thousands of Utilities
10/10/03 6-6 Air Quality Political Backing Needed to Move Sectors To Cut Greenhouse Gases, DOT Report Says
10/10/03 6-6 Air Quality California Plans Challenge to EPA Decision Not to Regulate Carbon Dioxide Emissions
10/10/03 6-6 Air Quality California Governor Signs Laws to Promote Fuel-Efficient Tires, Limit SUV Purchases
10/10/03 6-6 NEPA Bush Administration's NEPA Task Force Announces First in Series of Public Meetings
10/10/03 6-6 Hazardous Substances Hazardous Emissions From Site Remediation Will Be Cut in Half by Final Rule, EPA Says
10/10/03 6-6 Hazardous Substances EPA Releases Guide on RCRA Corrective Action
10/10/03 6-6 Water Quality/Wetlands Bill to Allow Nonpoint Source Funds For Stormwater Plans Introduced in Senate
10/10/03 6-6 Water Quality/Wetlands New Hampshire Sues 22 Oil, Chemical Firms For Alleged Pollution of Water With MTBE
10/10/03 6-6 Water Quality/Wetlands Nominations for Watershed Project Grants Sought
10/10/03 6-6 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO AASHTO Issues Request for Proposals For Environmental Technical Assistance Program Support
10/17/03 6-7 Air Quality California Air Board Says Children Riding Diesel Buses Exposed to More Pollutants
10/17/03 6-7 Endangered Species Bush Administration Gets Mixed Reviews On Agreements for Voluntary Conservation
10/17/03 6-7 Hazardous Substances Panel Developing Due Diligence Standard Close to Completing Proposal for EPA Review
10/17/03 6-7 Environmental Policy Leavitt Nomination Reported by Committee But Obstacles to His Confirmation Remain
10/17/03 6-7 Environmental Policy Texas Government Restructuring Bill Urges Streamlined Environmental Permitting
10/17/03 6-7 Environmental Policy Comments, Suggestions to Be Taken On EPA's Draft Report on Environment
10/24/03 6-8 Air Quality Conformity Rule Revisions to Give Flexibility To Project Plans Under Tougher Air Standards
10/24/03 6-8 Air Quality Air Pollution Will Continue Decline, Researcher Tells Congressional Staff
10/24/03 6-8 Air Quality Most Fuel-Efficient 2004 Vehicle Models Made by Honda, Toyota, Agencies' Guide Says
10/24/03 6-8 Climate Change States, Cities, Advocacy Groups File Lawsuit Saying EPA Has Authority to Regulate Gases
10/24/03 6-8 Historic Preservation ACHP Extends Comment Period For Proposed Section 106 Change
10/24/03 6-8 NEPA Environmentalists Sue Highway Agencies In Bid to Block Extension of Vermont Road
10/24/03 6-8 Water Quality/Wetlands Guidance for State Grants to Address Runoff Emphasizes Watershed Approach
10/24/03 6-8 Transportation Policy Senate Committee Says Deal Reached On Highways Bill; Markup Scheduled
10/24/03 6-8 Environmental Policy Western Business Interests Form Group To Increase Clout on Environmental Issues
10/31/03 6-9 Environmental Streamlining Senate Reauthorization Draft Offers Limited Delegation, Sidesteps 4(f) Reforms
10/31/03 6-9 Energy Lawmakers Hopeful Cheney Can Resolve Impasse on Tax Issues, Including Ethanol
10/31/03 6-9 Air Quality Fifth Circuit Court Upholds Clean Air Plan for Houston
10/31/03 6-9 Air Quality New York, Other States Sue EPA Over New Source Review Changes
10/31/03 6-9 Climate Change Senate Rejects Language to Limit Emissions Of Greenhouse Gases From Utilities, Industry
10/31/03 6-9 Water Quality/Wetlands Developers Seek Supreme Court Review Of Jurisdiction Questions Related to Ditches
10/31/03 6-9 Brownfields Environmental Attorneys Say Amendments In Statute on Liability Relief Lack Certainty
10/31/03 6-9 Brownfields Initiative to Clean Up Waterfront Sites Announced at EPA Brownfields Conference
10/31/03 6-9 Environmental Policy Senate Confirms Leavitt on 88-8 Vote As Democratic Concerns Are Mollified
10/31/03 6-9 Environmental Policy EPA Awards $20 Million to 43 States To Improve Environmental Data Collection
11/11/03 6-10 Environmental Streamlining DOT Sets Process to 'Close the Record,' End Interagency Environmental Disputes
11/11/03 6-10 Water Quality/Wetlands Draft Language Defining U.S. Waters Narrows Clean Water Act Protections
11/11/03 6-10 Water Quality/Wetlands Supreme Court Declines to Review Owners' Coastal Wetlands Takings Case
11/11/03 6-10 Air Quality EPA Publishes Proposal to Amend Transportation Conformity Regulations
11/11/03 6-10 Environmental Policy Leavitt Sworn in as Administrator; Visits With Program Offices Top Agenda
11/11/03 6-10 Environmental Policy Despite Data Gaps, EPA Report Receives Support From Stakeholders
11/11/03 6-10 Endangered Species Final Impact Statement Released on Strategy To Ease Forest Plan's Fish Protection Rules
11/11/03 6-10 Environmental Justice EPA Document on Allegation Assessment To Be Released for Public Comment
11/14/03 6-11 Transportation Policy Senate Panel Puts Off Big Debates For Next Year, Approves Highway Bill
11/14/03 6-11 Water Quality/Wetlands Supreme Court Asked to Review Whether Roadside Ditch Qualifies as Navigable Water
11/14/03 6-11 Water Quality/Wetlands Rulemaking Revising TMDL Program Needs Analysis of Impacts, Jeffords, Others Say
11/14/03 6-11 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Solicits 'Exemplary Ecosystem' Projects, Provides Criteria for Initiatives
11/14/03 6-11 Endangered Species CTE Broadcast Will Detail Wildlife Connectivity Applications
11/14/03 6-11 Air Quality Inhofe Clear Skies Rewrite Includes Higher Interim Emissions Cap for Mercury
11/14/03 6-11 Environmental Policy Stakeholders Call for More Indicators, Other Changes in EPA National Report
11/14/03 6-11 Environmental Policy Leavitt Names Former Utah Aide as Senior Counselor
11/21/03 6-12 Transportation Policy House Transportation Committee Unveils Partial $375 Billion Reauthorization Measure
11/21/03 6-12 Transportation Policy Hastert and Frist Pledge to Alter Ethanol Tax Subsidy in Transportation Bill
11/21/03 6-12 Environmental Streamlining DOT Seeks Nominations of Projects For Expedited Environmental Reviews
11/21/03 6-12 Environmental Streamlining February Target Date Set for CEQ To Unveil Plans for NEPA Reform
11/21/03 6-12 Water Quality/Wetlands $1 Billion for Stormwater Projects Related To Transportation Called 'Modest Amount'
11/21/03 6-12 Recycling EPA Initiative Seeks Industry Partners To Reduce Waste in Land-Use Activities
11/21/03 6-12 Energy House Overwhelmingly Passes Energy Bill That Boosts U.S. Production, Efficiency
11/21/03 6-12 Air Quality EPA Agrees to Propose Regulations in 2004 To Control Nitrogen Oxide in National Parks
11/21/03 6-12 Air Quality Funding Bill For EPA Approved by Senate With Provisions on New Source Review, Haze
11/21/03 6-12 Land Use Bush Administration Argues Against Appeal Of Decision Striking Down Roadless Rule
11/24/03 6-13 Water Quality/Wetlands Administration Should Rescind Notice On Waters Definition, House Members Say
11/24/03 6-13 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Launches Online Permitting System For Construction Site Stormwater Compliance
11/24/03 6-13 Water Quality/Wetlands EAB Overturns Wetlands Enforcement Action, Says Army Failed to Establish Jurisdiction
11/24/03 6-13 Air Quality Federal Court Upholds New York Law Banning MTBE, Finds No Air Act Preemption
11/24/03 6-13 Brownfields EPA Releases Partnership Initiative To Spur Reuse of Petroleum Brownfields
11/24/03 6-13 Energy Republicans Decide to Shelve Energy Bill, Say They Will Work to Revive It Next Year
11/24/03 6-13 Environmental Policy EPA Launches Science Inventory Web Page; Provides Agency-Wide Access to Documents
11/24/03 6-13 Hazardous Substances Agency Issues Advisory Committee's Proposed Standard for All Appropriate Inquiry
11/24/03 6-13 Transportation Policy New Coalition Formed to Support Bonding Program for Infrastructure
12/5/03 6-14 Air Quality EPA Notifies States of Preliminary Decisions On Eight-Hour Nonattainment Designations
12/5/03 6-14 Air Quality EPA to Propose Cuts in Nitrogen Oxide, Sulfur Dioxide to Meet New Air Standards
12/5/03 6-14 Air Quality Denver Offers Plan to Avert Nonattainment For Failing to Meet Eight-Hour Standard
12/5/03 6-14 NEPA President Bush Signs Legislation to Hasten Forest-Thinning Projects on Federal Lands
12/5/03 6-14 NEPA Administration Announces Final Rule Easing Consultation Requirement for Forest Projects
12/5/03 6-14 Water Quality/Wetlands Federal Court Rejects Industry Challenge To Weaken Permits Issued by Army Corps
12/5/03 6-14 Water Quality/Wetlands Supreme Court Declines to Review Penalties for 'Isolated' Wetlands Discharge
12/5/03 6-14 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Names Three State Programs As 'Exemplary Ecosystem' Initiatives
12/5/03 6-14 Environmental Policy Productive Era of Air Quality, Collaboration Key Goals Set by New Administrator Leavitt
12/5/03 6-14 Brownfields Funding Plan for EPA Would Expand Cleanup Grant Eligibility for One Year
12/12/03 6-15 Environmental Streamlining State DOTs Educate Senate Staffers On Real-World Environmental Roadblocks
12/12/03 6-15 Water Quality/Wetlands Grants of $17 Million Awarded to 10 States For Restoration, Conservation Programs
12/12/03 6-15 Water Quality/Wetlands Massachusetts Unveils Wetlands Technology; Violators Filmed, Fined More Than $280,000
12/12/03 6-15 Air Quality EPA Informs Colorado of Intent to Designate 11 Counties in Nonattainment of Ozone Rule
12/12/03 6-15 Climate Change United States Sees Cleaner Technologies As Necessary to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
12/12/03 6-15 Transportation Policy Mineta Plan to Reorganize Transportation Moves Pipeline Safety, Hazmat Programs
12/12/03 6-15 Brownfields EPA Accepting Brownfields Assessment Requests From States and Tribes for Coming Fiscal Year
12/12/03 6-15 Brownfields Agency Publishes Report on Successes, Changes in Federal Brownfields Program
12/19/03 6-16 Water Quality/Wetlands Effort to Define U.S. Waters Dropped, But EPA, Corps to Retain 2003 Guidance
12/19/03 6-16 Water Quality/Wetlands Draft 500-Day Plan by EPA Sets Goal For Rivers, Lakes 'Twice as Clean by 2015'
12/19/03 6-16 Water Quality/Wetlands Appeals Court Rules Ditch Protected Under Water Act, But Clarifies Law's Reach
12/19/03 6-16 Water Quality/Wetlands Corps' New England Division Seeks Comment On Checklist, Guide on Unavoidable Impacts
12/19/03 6-16 Air Quality Agency Proposes Early Action Compacts With 33 Likely Ozone Nonattainment Areas
12/19/03 6-16 Air Quality FHWA Documents Successful Practices For Transportation Conformity, MOBILE6
12/19/03 6-16 Air Quality Group Warns That Conformity Proposal Would Allow Increased Auto Emissions
12/19/03 6-16 Air Quality Leavitt Signs Plan to Reduce Emissions From Power Plants in 29 States and D.C.
12/19/03 6-16 Endangered Species Future of Conservation Plans Uncertain After Ruling Against 'No Surprises' Policy
12/19/03 6-16 NEPA Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case On Air Emissions From Mexican Trucks
12/26/03 6-17 Air Quality D.C. Circuit Blocks EPA Implementation Of Exemption From New Source Review
12/26/03 6-17 Air Quality Transportation Department Seeks Comment On Plan to Revise Fuel Economy Standards
12/26/03 6-17 Air Quality EPA Final Rule Requires Motorcycles To Meet New Air Emissions Standards
12/26/03 6-17 Air Quality Rule Requires Lower Sulfur Dioxide From Vehicles in Nine Western States
12/26/03 6-17 Endangered Species U.S. Agencies Increasing Efforts To Link Wildlife Habitat, Officials Say
12/26/03 6-17 Water Quality/Wetlands Number of Impaired Waters May Rise As EPA Seeks to Finish Approving State Lists
12/26/03 6-17 NEPA 'Groundbreaking' Held for Vermont Highway Despite Unresolved Environmental Litigation
12/26/03 6-17 Land Use Bush Administration Announces Final Rule Exempting Tongass From Roadbuilding Ban
1/9/04 6-18 Transportation Policy Much Seen at Stake for Environment In Surface Transportation Reauthorization
1/9/04 6-18 Air Quality CAFE Hike Would Lead to Higher Costs Than Gasoline Tax, Budget Office Says
1/9/04 6-18 Air Quality Report Finds Gasoline Vehicles, Hybrids Emit Less Pollution Than Diesel Automobiles
1/9/04 6-18 Air Quality EPA Releases Revisions to Criteria For Updating Particulate Standards
1/9/04 6-18 Air Quality Houston Light Rail System Begins Service; Transit Program Will Limit Diesel Bus Trips
1/9/04 6-18 Water Quality/Wetlands Developer Asks U.S. Supreme Court To Overturn Wetlands Filling Conviction
1/9/04 6-18 Water Quality/Wetlands N.J. Stormwater Rules Would Restrict Development Near Protected Waterways
1/9/04 6-18 Environmental Policy Recent Resignations of Top EPA Officials Damage Agency Morale, Sen. Jeffords Says
1/9/04 6-18 Environmental Policy Information on Financial Support Available on EPA Computer Network
1/16/04 6-19 Historic Preservation Opposing Views on Section 4(f) Preview Imminent Legislative Debate
1/16/04 6-19 Transportation Policy Alternative to Fossil Fuel Taxes Needed To Fund Highway Construction, DOT Says
1/16/04 6-19 Transportation Policy Senate Highway Funding Bill Heading for February Floor Vote
1/16/04 6-19 NEPA Better Environmental Decisionmaking Called Major Goal of Modernizing NEPA Process
1/16/04 6-19 Air Quality Supreme Court Hears Arguments on Power Of Air District Over Vehicle Fleet Operators
1/16/04 6-19 Air Quality EPA Publishes Revised Motorcycle Rule Implementing New Air Emissions Standards
1/16/04 6-19 Brownfields New Program Would Ensure Site Controls Are Monitored, Maintained Over Long Term
1/16/04 6-19 Environmental Policy Supplemental Projects That Turn Profit Will Be Allowed Under New EPA Guidance
1/16/04 6-19 Environmental Policy Report Faults EPA Record on Pollution, Says States Forced to Provide Leadership
1/23/04 6-20 Air Quality EPA Issues Guidance Documents to Reduce Emissions From Idling Trucks, Locomotives
1/23/04 6-20 Air Quality EPA Clean Air Plan Implementation Delay Triggers Environmental Advocates' Lawsuit
1/23/04 6-20 Water Quality/Wetlands Toxicity Ruling on Road Salt Additive Raises Concerns for Highway Agencies
1/23/04 6-20 Water Quality/Wetlands Mayors Seek Final Guidance From EPA On Blending of Stormwater, Wastewater
1/23/04 6-20 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Contaminant Level Exceeded In 42 Percent of Estuary Sediments
1/23/04 6-20 NEPA Expert Advice on Assessing Impacts Will Be Provided at AASHTO Workshop
1/23/04 6-20 Energy Interior Secretary Announces Initiatives For Biomass Development on Forestlands
1/23/04 6-20 Environmental Policy Connaughton Tries to Blunt Criticism On Bush Record, Lays Out Plan for Progress
1/30/04 6-21 Environmental Streamlining Groups Say Bills To Reauthorize TEA-21 Would Undermine NEPA, Clean Air Act
1/30/04 6-21 Environmental Streamlining State Permit Streamlining Proposal Draws Wary Response From Environmental Advocate
1/30/04 6-21 Endangered Species EPA Assessments Would Determine Pesticide Threat Under Consultation Plan
1/30/04 6-21 Air Quality FHWA Memo Offers Clarification On Use of Idle-Reduction Measures
1/30/04 6-21 Air Quality Research Council Says Clean Air Act Has Been Effective, Needs to Be Stronger
1/30/04 6-21 Air Quality EPA Acknowledges Automakers, Refiners For Progress on Meeting Emission Standard
1/30/04 6-21 Research House Science Panel Gets Ball Rolling On Surface Transportation Reauthorization
1/30/04 6-21 Hazardous Substances Proposed EPA Exclusion of Certain Wastes Arouses Concerns Over Industry 'Giveaway'
1/30/04 6-21 Environmental Policy Information on Regulatory Models, Guidance Issued by EPA; Guidance to Be Peer Reviewed
2/6/04 6-22 Environmental Streamlining Environmental Amendments Loom Large As SAFETEA Debate Advances in Senate
2/6/04 6-22 Land Use AASHTO Solicits Nominations For 2004 Smart Growth Competition
2/6/04 6-22 Climate Change Minor Benefits in Next 25 Years From Shift To Hydrogen, National Research Panel Says
2/6/04 6-22 Air Quality Approval of D.C. Ozone Attainment Plan Ruled Invalid by Federal Appeals Court
2/6/04 6-22 Air Quality EPA Requests $60 Million More in 2005 To Reduce Emissions From School Buses
2/6/04 6-22 Water Quality/Wetlands State Officers Say Battling Nonpoint Sources Will Require Local Involvement, Funding
2/6/04 6-22 Brownfields Localities Seek EPA Guidance on Liability In Forced Acquisitions of Polluted Sites
2/6/04 6-22 Transportation Policy New Monthly Indicator to Measure Impact of Transportation in Economy
2/13/04 6-23 Transportation Policy Senate Passes Highway Funding Bill With Streamlining, Air Quality Reforms
2/13/04 6-23 Water Quality/Wetlands AASHTO Calls for Consistent Guidance On Wetlands Mitigation From Army Corps
2/13/04 6-23 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Report on Watersheds Summarizes Effort To Integrate Economic, Ecological Analyses
2/13/04 6-23 Water Quality/Wetlands $15 Million in Grants Available From EPA, With Focus on Monitoring, Assessment
2/13/04 6-23 Air Quality EPA Administrator Promotes Partnership To Cut Freight Industry Fuel Use, Pollution
2/13/04 6-23 Air Quality California Air District Approves Funding To Replace, Retrofit Diesel School Buses
2/13/04 6-23 Endangered Species EPA Plans Improved Risk Assessments Of Indirect Effects on Endangered Species
2/13/04 6-23 Brownfields Deadline Extended for Grant Applications To Include Additional Eligible Communities
2/20/04 6-24 Transportation Policy Removing Major Highway Bottlenecks Seen As Key to Congestion Relief, Study Says
2/20/04 6-24 Environmental Policy National Environment Report Should Include Indicators on Land-Use Decisions, EPA Told
2/20/04 6-24 Air Quality Nonroad Diesel Engine Rule May Have Tougher Standards Than Proposed Rule
2/20/04 6-24 Air Quality Credit for Dual-Fueled Vehicles Extended; Opponents See Higher Oil Demand Resulting
2/20/04 6-24 Environmental Justice New Jersey Governor Directs Agencies To Cooperate on Environmental Justice
2/20/04 6-24 Recycling EPA Releases First Annual Report On Resource Conservation Challenge
2/20/04 6-24 Recycling EPA Reopens Comment Period on Guideline To Boost Purchase of Recovered Solid Waste
2/20/04 6-24 NEPA Former White House Advisers Back Groups In Challenge to Interior's Wilderness Policy
2/20/04 6-24 Research Energy Department, EPA Agree to Cooperate On Research on Environmental Problems
2/27/04 6-25 Environmental Streamlining Senate Streamlining Provisions Could Limit Cutting-Edge Programs, DOT Officials Warn
2/27/04 6-25 Environmental Streamlining AASHTO Honors Environmental Cooperation, Lauds Compromise on Historic Preservation
2/27/04 6-25 Air Quality Metropolitan Washington Approves Plan For Meeting Ozone Air Quality Standard
2/27/04 6-25 Endangered Species Interior Announces $26 Million in Grants For State, Private Conservation of Habitat
2/27/04 6-25 Water Quality/Wetlands Comment Sought by NOAA on Inventory Of Restoration Projects Under Estuary Law
2/27/04 6-25 Water Quality/Wetlands Largest Man-Made Marsh Begins Operations To Lower Phosphorus Level in Surface Water
2/27/04 6-25 Environmental Policy Connaughton Defends Administration On Global Warming, Environmental Report
3/5/04 6-26 SAFETEA-LU Senate Bill Would Unravel TEA-21 Planning Provisions, Officials Say
3/5/04 6-26 SAFETEA-LU Advocates Seek 'Fair Share' Funding, Roadway Fixes for Bikes, Pedestrians
3/5/04 6-26 Air Quality Engine Makers on Track to Comply With Diesel Rules in 2007, EPA Says
3/5/04 6-26 Air Quality Trucking Industry Says States, Cities Considering Rules to Limit Engine Idling
3/5/04 6-26 Air Quality Diesel Makers Finding Technical Solutions To Meet Stricter Standards, EPA Official Says
3/5/04 6-26 Environmental Justice Study Details Environmental Justice Efforts
3/5/04 6-26 Water Quality/Wetlands Florida, Development Company to Finalize Agreement on 32,000 Acres of Wetlands
3/5/04 6-26 Water Quality/Wetlands Grumbles Nominated by White House As EPA Assistant Administrator for Water
3/5/04 6-26 Brownfields EPA Encourages Reuse of Petroleum Sites Under Expanded Brownfields Grant Program
3/5/04 6-26 Endangered Species Supreme Court Declines to Review Ruling On Housing Project Affecting Toad Habitat
3/12/04 6-27 Environmental Streamlining FHWA Requires Negotiated Timeframes For All Impact Statements, Assessments
3/12/04 6-27 Air Quality Air Pollution from Cars and Trucks Targeted by Environmental Advocates
3/12/04 6-27 Air Quality Diesel Rule's Effect on Trucking Industry Should Be Addressed by EPA, Report Says
3/12/04 6-27 Air Quality Hydraulic Hybrid SUV Will Improve Fuel Economy by 95 Percent, EPA Says
3/12/04 6-27 Water Quality/Wetlands Criteria Used to Set Federal Jurisdiction Unevenly Applied by Corps, GAO Reports
3/12/04 6-27 Water Quality/Wetlands State Officials Mull Possible Amendments To Clean Water Act, Will Consult With EPA
3/12/04 6-27 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Memo Directs States to Develop List Of Priority NPDES Permits Under Improvement Plan
3/12/04 6-27 Water Quality/Wetlands Tennessee Agencies Sign Agreement On Stormwater Management Plan, Impact Studies
3/12/04 6-27 NEPA Interior Publishes Updated Procedures For Conducting Environmental Reviews
3/12/04 6-27 Endangered Species Appeals Court Upholds Decision to Allow Residential Project Seen as Threat to Eagles
3/19/04 6-28 Air Quality Eight-Hour Ozone Implementation Rule Headed for Approval With Few Changes
3/19/04 6-28 Air Quality Ozone Deadline Extension in Senate Bill To 'Dramatically Alter' Air Act, States Say
3/19/04 6-28 Air Quality Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority Settles Case on Violation of Federal Air, Water Rules
3/19/04 6-28 Transportation Policy Order Issued to Improve Services For Transportation Disadvantaged
3/19/04 6-28 Water Quality/Wetlands Applications Sought by EPA to Study Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Stressors
3/19/04 6-28 Water Quality/Wetlands Coastal Conditions in Southeast, Gulf, Great Lakes Improve During Past Decade
3/19/04 6-28 Endangered Species Groups Plan Lawsuit Against Final Rule Easing Consultation Requirement for Forest Projects
3/19/04 6-28 NEPA BLM Plans to Amend Land Use Rules To Recognize Role of Cooperating Agencies
3/19/04 6-28 Climate Change Senate Committee Approves Bill to Establish Research Program on Abrupt Climate Change
3/26/04 6-29 Environmental Streamlining House TEA-21 Reauthorization Tackles Streamlining, Section 4(f), Lawsuit Limits
3/26/04 6-29 Air Quality Sierra Club Fails to Block Las Vegas Highway As Court Backs Highway Administration
3/26/04 6-29 Air Quality Extensive Study Planned on Emissions From New Diesel Engines, Low-Sulfur Fuels
3/26/04 6-29 Air Quality Research Should Focus on Toxicity, Sources of Particulate Matter, Report Says
3/26/04 6-29 Air Quality Clean Air Advisory Committee to Study Ways To Revise State Implementation Plan Process
3/26/04 6-29 Environmental Policy Study Says U.S. Ports Major Contributors To Air, Water Pollution in Urban Areas
4/2/04 6-30 Environmental Streamlining Environmental Aspects of Highway Bill Remain to be Reconciled in Conference
4/2/04 6-30 Water Quality/Wetlands No Effluent Limitation Guidelines to Be Set For Construction, Development Activities
4/2/04 6-30 Water Quality/Wetlands District Court Dismisses Challenge of Rule Defining Discharge, Saying Case Not Ripe
4/2/04 6-30 Endangered Species GAO Says Agencies Often Miss Deadlines For Consultations on Species Protection
4/2/04 6-30 Climate Change House Legislation Would Limit Emissions From Power Plants, Transportation, Allow Trading
4/2/04 6-30 Air Quality EPA Publishes Proposed Rule Outlining Tests for Emissions Equipment Durability
4/9/04 6-31 Environmental Streamlining Bush Executive Order on Project Delivery Breaks Promise of Stewardship, Groups Say
4/9/04 6-31 Water Quality/Wetlands U.S. Supreme Court Denies Review Of Three Wetlands Connection Cases
4/9/04 6-31 Water Quality/Wetlands Caltrans Agrees to Implement Controls In Settlement With NRDC Over Stormwater
4/9/04 6-31 NEPA Supreme Court Denies Review Of Ruling on EIS for Wisconsin Bridge
4/9/04 6-31 Air Quality EPA Issues Guidance on TCM Substitution Mechanisms in State Implementation Plans
4/9/04 6-31 Air Quality EPA Has Grant Funds Available To Reduce Truck Idling Emissions
4/9/04 6-31 Air Quality British Columbia to Get More Money For 'Hydrogen Highway,' Official Says
4/9/04 6-31 Transportation Policy GAO Pinpoints Barriers to States Tapping Private Sector Investment for Road Projects
4/16/04 6-32 Air Quality 474 Counties in 32 States Held in Violation Of Eight-Hour Air Quality Standard for Ozone
4/16/04 6-32 Air Quality Court Says San Francisco Transit System Not Required by State Plan to Boost Riders
4/16/04 6-32 Transportation Policy Congress Needs to Help Older People Get Alternative Modes of Transportation
4/16/04 6-32 Water Quality/Wetlands Court Says Wisconsin Builder Needed Permit For Filling Site Abutting Ditch Near Creek
4/16/04 6-32 Water Quality/Wetlands Contamination Puts Colorado River at Top Of 'Most Endangered Rivers of 2004' List
4/16/04 6-32 Research New Academies Panel to Guide Agencies On Regulatory Cost-Effectiveness Analyses
4/16/04 6-32 Environmental Policy Environmental Safeguards Under Siege By Bush Policies, NRDC Report Charges
4/16/04 6-32 Environmental Policy Coalition Blames Five Federal Programs For Environmental Harm, Wasted Spending
4/23/04 6-33 Water Quality/Wetlands On Earth Day, President Announces Policy To Create, Improve, Preserve 3 Million Acres
4/23/04 6-33 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Touts Exemplary Ecosystems, Launches Doing the Right Thing Web Site
4/23/04 6-33 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Solicits Nominations For Environmental Excellence Awards
4/23/04 6-33 NEPA Environmental Review of Mexican Trucks Debated in Supreme Court Oral Argument
4/23/04 6-33 Air Quality Schwarzenegger Signs Order to Create Partnership for Hydrogen Fueling Network
4/23/04 6-33 Air Quality San Francisco Bay Area in Attainment Of One-Hour Standard for Ozone, EPA Says
4/23/04 6-33 Environmental Policy Earth Day Commemorated With Reports On Environmental Policy Setbacks, Progress
4/23/04 6-33 Environmental Policy EPA Awards 10 States $1.6 Million in Grants To Develop New Approaches to Permitting
4/23/04 6-33 Environmental Policy Governor Signs Into Law Legislation To Streamline State Permitting Process
4/23/04 6-33 International Issues Environment Ministers' Summit Ends On Positive Note After Climate Debate
4/30/04 6-34 Environmental Streamlining FHWA Continues Attempt to Reduce Environmental Review Times, Peters Says
4/30/04 6-34 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA, Corps Guidance Could Be Modified As Part of Bigger Effort to Improve Program
4/30/04 6-34 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Decision Not to Set Effluent Limits For Construction, Development Published
4/30/04 6-34 Air Quality Report Says 47 Percent of U.S. Population Exposed to Unhealthy Levels of Ozone
4/30/04 6-34 Air Quality 18 States Recommend Nonattainment Status For 145 Counties on Fine Particulates Rule
4/30/04 6-34 Air Quality Appeals Court Approves EPA Agreement To Issue Nitrogen Oxides Rule for Parks
4/30/04 6-34 Bicycle/Pedestrian Eleven Communities Recognized With Bicycle-Friendly Designation
4/30/04 6-34 Energy Bush Links Hydrogen Fuel Cell Progress To Environmental Protection, Innovation
4/30/04 6-34 Waste Management Administrator of Solid Waste Program Announces Plan to Resign From EPA
4/30/04 6-34 International Issues EU Parliament Approves Legislation To Cut Highway Pollution, Boost Railways
4/30/04 6-34 International Issues Earth Observation Meeting Sets Framework For Global Environment Monitoring System
5/7/04 6-35 Air Quality Supreme Court Reverses Lower Court, Remands Southern California Fleet Rules
5/7/04 6-35 Air Quality Fuel Economy Steady as Vehicles Get Heavier, More Powerful, EPA Says
5/7/04 6-35 Air Quality Lower Emissions, Favorable Weather Result in Ozone Reductions, EPA Reports
5/7/04 6-35 Climate Change Massachusetts, Connecticut Advance Plans To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2010
5/7/04 6-35 Climate Change McCain Says Time Has Come for Second Vote On Legislation to Reduce C02 Emissions
5/7/04 6-35 Climate Change Climate Change Factors Related To Increase in Asthma Triggers, Report Finds
5/7/04 6-35 Water Quality/Wetlands Judge Says Corps Did Not Violate Water Act, Clears Way for New Port Terminal in Houston
5/7/04 6-35 Waste Management EPA Amends Procurement Guideline For Materials Recovered From Solid Waste
5/7/04 6-35 Waste Management EPA Urged to Create Standard Document For Superfund Sites Showing Cleanup Progress
5/7/04 6-35 Energy White House Executive Order to Grant Expedited Permits for Energy Projects
5/14/04 6-36 Environmental Streamlining Court Halts Fast-Tracked Vermont Project, As Groups Question Bush Executive Order
5/14/04 6-36 Environmental Streamlining DOT Publishes List of Environmental Laws Applicable to Transportation Infrastructure
5/14/04 6-36 Water Quality/Wetlands Compendium of Stream Mitigation Protocols Issued In Draft by EPA; Comments Solicited
5/14/04 6-36 Water Quality/Wetlands Wal-Mart Agrees to Fines, Compliance Plan For Violating Stormwater Rules at 24 Sites
5/14/04 6-36 Air Quality EPA Issues Nonroad Diesel Emissions Rule; Separate Rule Sought for Train, Ship Engines
5/14/04 6-36 Air Quality EPA Unveils Diesel Technology Partnership With International Truck and Engine Corp.
5/14/04 6-36 Air Quality Senate Committee Examines Effect Of Environmental Policies on Gas Prices
5/14/04 6-36 Climate Change State Programs Will Spur Federal Action To Control Carbon Dioxide, Meeting Told
5/14/04 6-36 Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator Aims to Show Value of Emissions Reductions
5/14/04 6-36 Climate Change International Energy Agency Says More Use Of Biofuels Needed to Stem Climate Change
5/21/04 6-37 Endangered Species Special Report: Review of the Endangered Species Act After 30 Years
5/21/04 6-37 Water Quality/Wetlands Bush Administration Announces Plan To Improve Great Lakes Restoration Effort
5/21/04 6-37 Water Quality/Wetlands Widespread, Low-Level Contamination Found in Overview of River Basins, Aquifers
5/21/04 6-37 Water Quality/Wetlands Construction Firm Guilty of Water Violations In Building of North Carolina Bridge in 2002
5/21/04 6-37 Air Quality EPA Approves New Motor Vehicle Model To Estimate Emissions Directly From Exhaust
5/21/04 6-37 Air Quality French Government Report Cites Mortality Linked to Air Pollution, Targets Vehicles
5/21/04 6-37 Environmental Policy Agreement With 357 Public Works Agencies Said to Increase Compliance, Cut Penalties
5/28/04 6-38 Water Quality/Wetlands Determinations Not to Extend Protections Will Be Posted on Web, Corps Officials Say
5/28/04 6-38 Water Quality/Wetlands Mitigation Has Helped Deter, Reduce Impacts of Smaller Projects, Experts Says
5/28/04 6-38 Water Quality/Wetlands Clearinghouse for Review, Revision Of Standards Being Developed by EPA
5/28/04 6-38 Noise FHWA Posts Traffic Noise Model; Latest Version Effective In October
5/28/04 6-38 Air Quality Federal Appeals Court Upholds Approval of New York Clean Air Plan
5/28/04 6-38 Air Quality Emissions Trading Among Measures Recommended to Control Fine Particles
5/28/04 6-38 Air Quality In Face of Rising Prices for Gasoline, EPA Holds Firm on Reformulation Rules
5/28/04 6-38 Endangered Species Rules on Incidental Take Permits Re-Proposed For Comment by FWS
5/28/04 6-38 Brownfields $25 Million in HUD Grants Now Available for Brownfields
5/28/04 6-38 International Issues Transport Canada Unveils New Program To Reduce Emissions in Freight Sector
6/4/04 6-39 Tribal Consultation Information, Advice on Tribal Consultation Now Available On AASHTO Center Website
6/4/04 6-39 Air Quality Goal to Retrofit Existing Diesel Engines By 2014 Where Possible Set by EPA Official
6/4/04 6-39 Air Quality Report Urges Quicker Implementation Of EPA Rules to Reduce Diesel Emissions
6/4/04 6-39 Air Quality Exposure to Particulate Matter Pollution Said to Increase Risk From Heart Disease
6/4/04 6-39 Air Quality Seattle Transit Agency to Operate Hybrid Buses
6/4/04 6-39 Air Quality Study Finds Greater Risk of Obesity As Time Spent Driving Increases
6/4/04 6-39 Brownfields EPA, Localities Working on Initiative To Redevelop Abandoned Railroad Sites
6/4/04 6-39 Brownfields Bill Creating Tax Credit for Cleanup Activities Of Up to $1 Billion Introduced in House
6/4/04 6-39 Climate Change Senate May Soon Consider McCain Bill Setting Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits
6/4/04 6-39 Public Transportation Analysis Finds Communities In South, West Increasing Investments in Transit, Groups Say
6/4/04 6-39 Environmental Stewardship DOT Announces $15 Million in Grants For 104 Scenic Byways Projects in 37 States
6/4/04 6-39 Endangered Species Protection of Wild Fish Emphasized In Fisheries Service Hatchery Policy
6/4/04 6-39 Endangered Species Interior Department, International Paper Sign Agreement to Protect Ecosystems
6/11/04 6-40 Air Quality No Environmental Review Needed From DOT For Mexican Trucks, Supreme Court Rules
6/11/04 6-40 Air Quality EPA Issues Proposed Rule Requiring Diesel Engine Emission Measurement System
6/11/04 6-40 Climate Change California Air Board Proposing Rules To Reduce Vehicles' Greenhouse Gases
6/11/04 6-40 Endangered Species Federal Court Orders Fish and Wildlife To Stop Issuing Permits With 'No Surprises
6/11/04 6-40 Brownfields EPA Creates Web Site For Brownfields Searches
6/11/04 6-40 Water Quality/Wetlands Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge By Texas Cities to EPA's Stormwater Rules
6/11/04 6-40 Water Quality/Wetlands Draft Senate Bill Would Authorize $35 Billion For State Revolving Funds Over Five Years
6/11/04 6-40 Water Quality/Wetlands New Hampshire Bans MTBE in Gasoline Pending Final Approval of Opt-Out Plan
6/18/04 6-41 Historic Preservation FHWA Plan on Historic Designation Of Interstate Opposed by State DOTs
6/18/04 6-41 NEPA DOT, CEQ Officials Review Status of Efforts, Address Perceived Secrecy Of Interagency Work
6/18/04 6-41 Environmental Stewardship Long List of FHWA Program Activities Signals Focus on Environmental Process
6/18/04 6-41 Environmental Policy AASHTO SCOE Sessions, Subcommittees Frame Policy Issues for the Coming Year
6/18/04 6-41 Air Quality Transportation Conformity Final Rule Announced for Fine Particulates, Ozone
6/18/04 6-41 Air Quality EPA Seeks Proposals for Particulate Matter Research
6/18/04 6-41 Air Quality U.S. Postal Service, General Motors Unveil Fuel-Cell Powered Mail Delivery Vehicle
6/18/04 6-41 Brownfields EPA Awards $75.4 Million in Grants To Revive Contaminated 'Brownfield' Sites
6/18/04 6-41 NEPA Land-Use Plans Cannot Be Basis to Exclude Off-Road Vehicles in Utah, High Court Says
6/18/04 6-41 NEPA Draft Directive From Homeland Security Requires Divisions to Assess Their Projects
6/18/04 6-41 Technology Information Exchange Network Launched To Improve Data Submission, Public Access
6/25/04 6-42 Environmental Streamlining Officials, Groups Work to Frame Issues For TEA-21 Reauthorization Conferees
6/25/04 6-42 Air Quality EPA Offers Possible Reforms States Could Use for Implementation Plans
6/25/04 6-42 Air Quality Three Southeastern States to Begin Effort To Cut Diesel Emissions From Truck Idling
6/25/04 6-42 Air Quality Alternative Maritime Power Terminal Opens Following Settlement of Port Expansion Issue
6/25/04 6-42 Climate Change Health, Environmental Groups, States Ask Court to Address Lack of Regulation
6/25/04 6-42 Climate Change Updated Database on Climate Policies In 26 Nations Announced by Energy Agency
6/25/04 6-42 Recycling Recycling Construction Debris Cheaper Than Disposal, New Jersey Survey Shows
6/25/04 6-42 Endangered Species U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Releases Critical Habitat Designations for Bull Trout
7/2/04 6-43 Environmental Stewardship Federal Highway Agency Staff Gather For National Environmental Conference
7/2/04 6-43 Air Quality 243 Counties Not Attaining Standard For Fine Particles, EPA Informs States
7/2/04 6-43 Air Quality States in Region VI Meet Standard For Fine Particulate Matter, EPA Says
7/2/04 6-43 Air Quality EPA Says Midwestern States Underestimated Nonattainment Areas for Fine Particulates
7/2/04 6-43 Air Quality Nonattainment Status Under PM-2.5 Rule Proposed for New York, New Jersey Areas
7/2/04 6-43 Air Quality EPA Sued Over Nonattainment Designations For Ozone, Rules for Implementing Standard
7/2/04 6-43 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Designates Seven Projects As Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives
7/2/04 6-43 Transportation Policy Bush Signs Transportation Extension
7/2/04 6-43 Environmental Justice Hispanic Communities Face Higher Risks From Pollution's Effects, Sierra Club Says
7/9/04 6-44 Historic Preservation Section 106 Regulations Amended In Final Rule Issued By Advisory Council
7/9/04 6-44 Air Quality NASA, NOAA, Other Nations to Sample Air For Pollution, Climatic Changes, Study Says
7/9/04 6-44 Air Quality EPA Asked to Grant California's Request For Waiver From Federal Fuel Additive Rules
7/9/04 6-44 Environmental Management Systems Tool For Environmental Information Management, Decision Support Subject of CTE Web Broadcast
7/9/04 6-44 Water Quality/Wetlands Federal Money for State, Local Projects Triggers More Funds, Subcommittee Told
7/9/04 6-44 Water Quality/Wetlands Carl Strock Installed as Corps of Engineers Chief
7/9/04 6-44 Land Use U.S. Forest Service Considers Proposal For States to Appeal Roadless Decisions
7/9/04 6-44 Land Use EPA 'Smart Growth' Report Targets Water Quality
7/9/04 6-44 International Issues World Bank Urges Tougher Emission Limits For Urban Transport in Developing Nations
7/16/04 6-45 Environmental Streamlining Environmental Advocates Stress Planning, Downplay Streamlining in Transportation Bill
7/16/04 6-45 Water Quality/Wetlands House Legislation Seeks to Clarify, Narrow Wetlands Definition to Improve Consistency
7/16/04 6-45 Air Quality Environmental Regulations Not Responsible For High Gas Prices, EPAs Holmstead Tells House
7/16/04 6-45 Air Quality Lawsuit Seeks Court Order for EPA To Act on D.C. Area Ozone Pollution
7/16/04 6-45 Air Quality EPA Agrees to Set Standards For Stationary Diesel Engines
7/16/04 6-45 Land Use Bush Administration Proposal Allows State Role in Roadbuilding Decisions
7/16/04 6-45 Bicycle/Pedestrian South Carolina Will Receive $50,000 Grant For Complete Streets Initiative
7/16/04 6-45 NEPA Groups Wary of Homeland Security Plan Exempting Some Environmental Reviews
7/16/04 6-45 Hazardous Substances EPA Plans to Finalize by Early 2006 Rule to Revise Definition of Solid Waste
7/23/04 6-46 Endangered Species Resources Committee Approves Legislation Altering Science, Critical Habitat Procedures
7/23/04 6-46 Water Quality/Wetlands 14 Watershed Areas Eligible for EPA Grants To Build Partnerships, Integrate Programs
7/23/04 6-46 Air Quality Federal Court Approves Agency's Request To Delay Release of PM Criteria Document
7/23/04 6-46 Air Quality Heart Association Calls for Tighter Controls On Fine Particles as EPA Reviews Criteria
7/23/04 6-46 Air Quality California Joins the List of States With Limits on Diesel Vehicle Idling
7/23/04 6-46 Climate Change Eight States File Public Nuisance Lawsuit Against Utilities To Address Global Warming
7/23/04 6-46 Climate Change Conservation Groups File Separate Suit Against Utilities Over Carbon Emissions
7/23/04 6-46 Land Use Interior Rule Would Give Other Agencies Larger Role in Developing Land-Use Plans
7/23/04 6-46 Land Use Sierra Club Report Lists Lands 'Threatened' By Healthy Forest Initiative, Other Policies
7/30/04 6-47 Air Quality Group Links Highways to Health Risks, Urges Policy Shift To Support Transit
7/30/04 6-47 Air Quality $30 Million Awarded for 10-Year Study On Effect of Fine Particles on Heart Disease
7/30/04 6-47 Air Quality Partners Plan to Use Hybrid System To Boost Efficiency in Heavy Vehicles
7/30/04 6-47 Water Quality/Wetlands Measure to Establish Oceans Policy, National Council Introduced in House
7/30/04 6-47 Water Quality/Wetlands Corps, Florida Officials Urge Authorization Of Two Projects Under Everglades Plan
7/30/04 6-47 Waste Management Tire Recycling Rate Soars to 80 Percent, Setting New Industry Record, Report Says
7/30/04 6-47 Environmental Management Systems Standards Organization Works to Finalize Rules Related to Environmental Management
7/30/04 6-47 Transportation Policy Coalition Urges Transportation Conferees To Eliminate Provision on Information Control
7/30/04 6-47 Environmental Policy Democratic Party Adopts Election Platform With Positions on Environmental Policy
8/13/04 6-48 Water Quality/Wetlands Environmental Organizations Say Wetlands Unprotected as Result of 2003 Guidanc
8/13/04 6-48 Water Quality/Wetlands Railroad to Pay $30.25 Million for Cleanup In Largest Settlement by North Dakota
8/13/04 6-48 Air Quality EPA Seeks Comments on Idling Proposal, Funds Study on Truck Driver Exposure
8/13/04 6-48 Air Quality Appeals Court Orders EPA to Reconsider Reformulated Gasoline for Baton Rouge
8/13/04 6-48 Air Quality Ford Escape Certified as First SUV Hybrid; Vehicle Meets New EPA, California Standards
8/13/04 6-48 Endangered Species Federal Judge Tells FWS to Reconsider Biological Opinion on Tortoise Habitat
8/13/04 6-48 Endangered Species Wildlife, Fisheries Services Allow EPA To Decide Whether Pesticides Cause Harm
8/13/04 6-48 Climate Change California Revises Vehicle Emissions Plan, Gives Automakers More Time to Make Cuts
8/13/04 6-48 Climate Change Health Risks Linked to Global Warming Due to Increased Ozone Levels, Allergens
8/13/04 6-48 International Issues European Commission to Propose Replacing Car Registration Levies With Road, Fuel Taxes
8/20/04 6-49 Environmental Streamlining DOT Selects Six Additional Projects For Fast-Tracked Environmental Review
8/20/04 6-49 Air Quality Political, Financial Support Seen as Essential To Advance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies
8/20/04 6-49 Air Quality National Park Service Announces Plan To Allow Snowmobiles in Yellowstone Park
8/20/04 6-49 Climate Change 15 Agencies Working on Strategic Plan To Create Part of Global Observation System
8/20/04 6-49 Brownfields Eminent Domain Deemed Unconstitutional For Private Development Project, Court Rules
8/20/04 6-49 Environmental Policy More Reports on the Environment Urged In Peer Review by EPA Science Advisers
8/27/04 6-50 Environmental Streamlining Interagency Workgroups Seek Input On Three Streamlining Policy Issues
8/27/04 6-50 NEPA CTE Webcast Provides Case Studies On Indirect/Cumulative Impact Assessments
8/27/04 6-50 Air Quality Full-Sized, Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Put on Road by UPS, DaimlerChrysler, EPA
8/27/04 6-50 Air Quality EPA Seeks $109,120 Penalty Against Firm For Alleged Violations of Vehicle Idling Rules
8/27/04 6-50 Recycling New York Issues Six-Year Abatement Plan For Noncompliant Waste Tires Dump Sites
8/27/04 6-50 Brownfields EPA Administrator Signs Proposed Rule Setting Standards for Site Assessments
8/27/04 6-50 Water Quality/Wetlands Billions of Gallons Overflow From Sewers Annually, EPA Says in Report to Congress
8/27/04 6-50 Transportation Policy GAO Provides Lawmakers With Analysis On Job Access Reverse Commute Program
9/1/04 7-2 Transportation Policy Report Documents Increasing Gridlock, Calls for Multiple Solutions to Ease Traffic
9/1/04 7-2 Environmental Streamlining Oregon Bridge Project Touted As Model State Streamlining Effort
9/1/04 7-2 Air Quality Study Shows Children in Polluted Areas Much More Likely to Have Impaired Lungs
9/1/04 7-2 Water Quality/Wetlands N.Y., Connecticut Attorneys General Sue EPA For Failing to Act on Construction Site Runoff
9/1/04 7-2 Endangered Species Defenders of Wildlife Report on Highways Honored by National Conservation Group
9/1/04 7-2 Land Use Forest Service Extends Comment Period On Plan to Revamp Clinton Roadbuilding Rule
9/1/04 7-2 Hazardous Substances Nevada Sues Department of Energy Over Yucca Mountain Transportation Plan
9/1/04 7-2 Environmental Management Systems Agreement Outlines Utah, EPA Plan To Reward Voluntary Cleanup Efforts
9/1/04 7-2 Brownfields Agency Accepting Applications for Grants To Clean, Assess Polluted Sites in 2005
9/3/04 7-1 Air Quality State Regulators Get Guidance from EPA On Determining Transportation Conformity
9/3/04 7-1 Air Quality Eastern States Cut NOx Emissions 50 Percent From 1990, EPA Reports
9/3/04 7-1 Air Quality Texas Kicks Off Plan to Improve Air Quality By Steering Workers to Commute Alternatives
9/3/04 7-1 Air Quality State Lawmakers OK Bill to Cut Emissions From Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach
9/3/04 7-1 Environmental Streamlining CRS Updates Report on Streamlining Provisions in Pending Reauthorization Bills
9/3/04 7-1 Environmental Policy Bush Issues Order for Federal Agencies To Involve Local Entities in Policy Decisions
9/3/04 7-1 Recycling Recyclers Look to State, Local Governments As Markets for Treated Construction Debris
9/3/04 7-1 International Issues Canada Funds System to Reduce Impact of Road Salt Using ITS
9/3/04 7-1 Environmental Policy Republican Platform Endorses 'Clear Skies,' Expresses Strong Opposition to Kyoto Pact
9/17/04 7-3 Air Quality Study Shows Dramatic Improvement In Air Quality Nationwide Since 1970
9/17/04 7-3 Air Quality Evaporative Emissions Rise on Ethanol Use, Study Commissioned by California Shows
9/17/04 7-3 Air Quality Rule Will Guide Consumers to Information On Emissions From Alternative-Fuel Vehicles
9/17/04 7-3 Wildlife Conference Addresses Wildlife, Transportation Issues in Northeast
9/17/04 7-3 Water Quality/Wetlands U.S. Files Complaint Against Idaho DOT, Contractor for Violating Stormwater Rules
9/17/04 7-3 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Proposes Revisions to NPDES Permit For Stormwater Runoff from Construction
9/17/04 7-3 Environmental Stewardship ARTBA Honors Environmental Practices In Transportation Construction Industry
9/17/04 7-3 Environmental Policy Administration's Withdrawal of Regulations Runs Counter to Public Interest, Report Says
9/17/04 7-3 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
9/24/04 7-4 Air Quality EPA Report Cites Air Progress Since 1970, But Critics Note Emissions Increase in 2003
9/24/04 7-4 Air Quality Los Angeles Leads U.S. in Unhealthy Levels Of Ozone, Particulates Affecting Children
9/24/04 7-4 Air Quality FHWA Report on CMAQ Program Shows Increase in Obligations by States
9/24/04 7-4 Endangered Species States, Counties Receive $70 Million To Develop Habitat Conservation Plans
9/24/04 7-4 Water Quality/Wetlands New York, Connecticut Outline Appeals Case Against EPA Over Construction Site Runoff
9/24/04 7-4 Water Quality/Wetlands Federal Commission Issues Final Report, Recommends Strategy to Protect Oceans
9/24/04 7-4 Water Quality/Wetlands NOAA to Be Lead Agency Overseeing Programs, Management Under Senate Bill
9/24/04 7-4 Brownfields EPA Reports Progress by Agencies, Solicits Brownfields Grant Proposals
9/24/04 7-4 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/1/04 7-5 Land Use Awards for Best Practices in Smart Growth, Transportation Announced by AASHTO
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality EPA to Grant Reconsideration Petition On Rule Implementing Ozone Standard
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality 80 Percent of Worst Nonattainment Areas For Ozone Not Improving, EPA Auditor Says
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality California Agency Adopts Nation's First Rule To Limit Greenhouse Gases From Vehicles
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality New Jersey to Be First State to Propose Classifying Carbon Dioxide as Pollutant
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality States Seek to Create National Standard For Diesel Trucks by Adopting California Rule
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality Joint Public, Private Campaign Aims To Cut West Coast Diesel Emissions
10/1/04 7-5 Air Quality Best Workplaces for Commuters Recognized By EPA, Intel Tops List
10/1/04 7-5 Water Quality/Wetlands Agency Officials Say Progress Made Under Wetland Mitigation Action Plan
10/1/04 7-5 Water Quality/Wetlands Lax Stormwater Controls, Resources Threaten Water Quality in Great Lakes
10/1/04 7-5 Hazardous Substances Railroad Agrees to Cleanup of Former Atchinson Topeka Site in New Mexico
10/1/04 7-5 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/8/04 7-6 Bicycle/Pedestrian Major Increase in Bike, Pedestrian Travel Falls Short of DOT Goals, 10-Year Report Finds
10/8/04 7-6 NEPA New Report Shows Judges Tend to Rule Along Political Party Lines in NEPA Lawsuits
10/8/04 7-6 Air Quality EPA May Require Reformulated Gasoline For Atlanta Area, Federal Court Decides
10/8/04 7-6 Air Quality Hybrid Vehicles Get Highest Ranking In 2005 Federal Fuel Economy Guide
10/8/04 7-6 Air Quality Officials Call Controlling Nonroad Sources, Revising Fuel Economy Hurdles to Cleaner Air
10/8/04 7-6 Waste Management EPA Report Provides Management Guidelines For Handling Construction, Demolition Debris
10/8/04 7-6 Environmental Policy Coalition Asks for Bush-Kerry Debates To Include Climate, Energy Policy Views
10/8/04 7-6 Transportation Policy House Passes Bill to Reorganize DOT Research, Pipeline Administration
10/8/04 7-6 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/15/04 7-7 NEPA Judge Strikes Down 2001 Snowmobile Ban For Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Parks
10/15/04 7-7 Air Quality EPA Announces $1 Million in Grants To Reduce Emissions From Truck Idling
10/15/04 7-7 Brownfields Bill Congress Sends to White House Includes Brownfields Redevelopment
10/15/04 7-7 Water Quality/Wetlands Spotlighting Performance of States, Firms May Boost Permit Compliance, Report Says
10/15/04 7-7 Waste Management 'Left in Dark,' Western States Commit To Safe Transportation to Yucca Mountain
10/15/04 7-7 Waste Management Utah Governor Seeks Evaluation, Plan For Storage, Shipping of Spent Nuclear Fuel
10/15/04 7-7 Transportation Policy Ethanol Tax Adjustment Included In Export Tax Bill Cleared for Bush
10/15/04 7-7 Transportation Policy More Trains, Fewer Trucks Would Ease Nation's Traffic Woes, Rail Representative Says
10/15/04 7-7 Transportation Policy DOT Says Reorganization Bill Will Not Relocate Fuel Economy Program
10/15/04 7-7 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/22/04 7-8 NEPA FHWA Offers to Waive Legal Hurdles For 'Experimental' Public/Private Projects
10/22/04 7-8 Air Quality Researchers Call for Studies to Determine Why Asthma Rate Up While Emissions Down
10/22/04 7-8 Air Quality President Signs Legislation Establishing Air Quality Commission for Colorado Tribe
10/22/04 7-8 Air Quality New Jersey Opens Electrified Truck Stop; Project Aims to Reduce Diesel Emissions
10/22/04 7-8 Air Quality Federal Judge Grants Stay Pending Appeal Of Earlier Court Order in Atlanta Gas Case
10/22/04 7-8 Energy Refueling Station for Fuel Cell Vehicles Opened With Energy Department Support
10/22/04 7-8 Water Quality/Wetlands Monitoring Day Events on Anniversary Of Law Seek to Boost Public Awareness
10/22/04 7-8 Ecology WWF Report Cites 'Alarming' Degradation In Sustainability, Soaring 'Ecological Debt'
10/22/04 7-8 Ecology National Audubon Society Cites Impairment Of Environment for Drop in Bird Population
10/22/04 7-8 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/29/04 7-9 Environmental Stewardship Report Documents Stewardship Practices For Transportation Construction, Maintenance
10/29/04 7-9 Air Quality EPA Publishes Guidance on How to Use Voluntary Measures to Meet Air Standards
10/29/04 7-9 Air Quality New Jersey School Buses to be Retrofitted To Emit 50 Percent Less Diesel Particulates
10/29/04 7-9 Air Quality Official Says Rules Stymie State Efforts To Comply With Clean Air Act Deadlines
10/29/04 7-9 Brownfields Report Hails Redevelopment of Polluted Sites; More Funding, Federal Policy Review Needed
10/29/04 7-9 Brownfields Funding Shortfall Stymies Cleanup Efforts At Urban Sites, House Democrats Charge
10/29/04 7-9 Environmental Policy USDA to Issue Final Rule Requiring Federal Purchase of Biobased Products
10/29/04 7-9 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/5/04 7-10 Air Quality Agency to Develop Recommendations Based on Particulate Matter Document
11/5/04 7-10 Water Quality/Wetlands Isolated Waters in Arid West at Risk Due to 2003 Policy, Advocacy Group Says
11/5/04 7-10 NEPA Yellowstone Officials Announce Final Plan To Allow Snowmobiles for Next Three Years
11/5/04 7-10 Invasive Species Forest Service Announces Plan to Prevent, Control Plants, Non-Native Species, Diseases
11/5/04 7-10 Congress Clear Skies at Top of Inhofe's Agenda As Senate EPW Panel Sees Few Changes
11/5/04 7-10 Congress Stevens Poised to Replace McCain As Chairman of Senate Commerce
11/5/04 7-10 Congress New Highway Funding Bill Still a Priority For Young, House T&I Committee Leaders
11/5/04 7-10 Congress No Change in House Resources Leaders; Endangered Species Act to Be Priority
11/5/04 7-10 Congress Barton, Dingell Expected to Retain Leadership On House Energy, Commerce Panel
11/5/04 7-10 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/12/04 7-11 NEPA NEPA Analyses May be Tailored For Toll Road Solutions, FHWA Says
11/12/04 7-11 Air Quality Shell Opens Hydrogen Station to Fill Six General Motors' Fuel Cell Vehicles
11/12/04 7-11 Climate Change Arctic Region Warming at Twice Global Rate, Having Broad Effects, Four-Year Study Finds
11/12/04 7-11 Climate Change Adverse Effects of Warming on Species Seen In 40 Studies of Plants, Animals, Report Says
11/12/04 7-11 Environmental Policy Former CDC Official Says Systems Approach More Effective Than Single Pollutant Controls
11/12/04 7-11 Transportation Policy State Voters Approve 44 of 55 Transportation-Related Ballot Initiatives
11/12/04 7-11 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/19/04 7-12 Environmental Streamlining Federal Highway Report To Congress Details Environmental Streamlining Actions, Challenges
11/19/04 7-12 Water Quality/Wetlands Annual Performance Report Cites Progress By Highway Program On Air Quality, Wetlands
11/19/04 7-12 Water Quality/Wetlands N.Y. Attorney General Plans to Sue Over Army Corps' Wetlands Decision
11/19/04 7-12 Air Quality Texas Agency OKs Early Action Compacts To Reduce Ozone Pollution in Several Areas
11/19/04 7-12 Air Quality Researchers Link Short-Term Spike in Ozone To Thousands of Deaths in United States
11/19/04 7-12 Air Quality Medical Study Finds Respiratory Infections, Not Particulates, Threaten Kids With Asthma
11/19/04 7-12 Climate Change West Coast Governors Bolster Strategy For Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/19/04 7-12 Endangered Species California Legal Group Seeks to Overturn Critical Habitat Designations for 48 Species
11/19/04 7-12 Land Use Democratic Governors Oppose Changing Rule Protecting Forests From Roadbuilding
11/19/04 7-12 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/26/04 7-13 Land Use EPA Honors Five Communities For Smart Growth Achievement
11/26/04 7-13 Water Quality/Wetlands Permit Review Initiative Delays Action On Petitions to Withdraw State Authority
11/26/04 7-13 Air Quality EPA Offers Guidance On Conformity Determinations for Fine Particulate Matter
11/26/04 7-13 Air Quality State, Local Regulatory Group Withdraws From Talks on Controlling Airport Emissions
11/26/04 7-13 Environmental Management Systems International Standards Organization Issues New Environmental Management Guidelines
11/26/04 7-13 Environmental Policy World Conservation Congress Issues Warnings, Solutions on Global Environment
11/26/04 7-13 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
12/3/04 7-14 Water Quality/Wetlands State and Federal Officials Sign Two Pacts Designed to Protect and Restore Great Lakes
12/3/04 7-14 Water Quality/Wetlands U.S. Court Says Law Not Clear if TMDLs Must Meet Water Standards on Daily Basis
12/3/04 7-14 Air Quality Sulfate Particles Not Significant Cause Of Death, Disease, Research Firm Says
12/3/04 7-14 Air Quality Maine Environment Board Agrees to Adopt California 'Zero Emission Vehicle' Standards
12/3/04 7-14 Air Quality Software Firm Incentive Offers $5,000 Each To Workers Who Buy Fuel-Efficient Vehicles
12/3/04 7-14 Air Quality More Than $13 Million Granted for Upgrades In Southern California Diesel Bus Project
12/3/04 7-14 Brownfields Jeffords, Four Democrats Say Proposal On Inquiries Would Weaken Brownfields Law
12/3/04 7-14 Climate Change Canadians Not Accepting Personal Role In Greenhouse Gas Reductions, Report Says
12/3/04 7-14 Transportation Policy President Bush Signs Bill Reorganizing DOT's Research and Special Programs Unit
12/3/04 7-14 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
12/10/04 7-15 Air Quality EPA Urged to Designate 244 Counties As Failing to Meet Fine Particle Standard
12/10/04 7-15 Air Quality Automakers, Dealers Challenge Regulation In California to Limit Vehicle Carbon Dioxide
12/10/04 7-15 Air Quality EPA Advisory Committee to Offer Steps For Improving Air Act Implementation
12/10/04 7-15 Endangered Species FWS Resubmits Rule on Revoking Permits Granted Under 'No Surprises' Policy
12/10/04 7-15 Endangered Species State Agencies Make Progress in Meeting Deadline for Wildlife Conservation Strategies
12/10/04 7-15 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA, Montana Reach Agreement in Lawsuit Over Listing, Cleanup of Impaired Waters
12/10/04 7-15 Congress Reid Leaves Senate Environment Committee; Lautenberg, Obama Picked to Fill Vacancies
12/10/04 7-15 Hazardous Substances Petroleum Contamination Cleanup Costs Not Allowed in Condemned Land Valuation
12/10/04 7-15 Climate Change EU Urges Climate Conference to Adopt Stringent, Quantifiable Global Warming Goal
12/10/04 7-15 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
12/17/04 7-16 Air Quality 225 Counties Not Attaining Air Quality Standard for Fine Particles, EPA Announces
12/17/04 7-16 Air Quality Fine Particle Levels Dropped 10 Percent Since 1999, EPA Says in Emissions Report
12/17/04 7-16 Air Quality Texas Agency Grants $12.4 Million For Alternate-Fuel Vehicle Projects
12/17/04 7-16 Transportation Policy Obesity, Air Toxics Said Emerging Issues Facing Transportation Planners, Regulators
12/17/04 7-16 Water Quality/Wetlands Profiles of 33 State Permit Programs Posted On EPA Web Site as Part of Results Initiative
12/17/04 7-16 Climate Change Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, Carbon Capture Said to Offer Climate Change Solutions
12/17/04 7-16 Climate Change Shifting Temperatures Affecting Migration Of Wildlife to North, Wildlife Society Reports
12/17/04 7-16 Climate Change Washington Governor Issues Directives On Vehicle Purchases, Emissions Testing
12/17/04 7-16 Environmental Policy Leavitt Named to Lead Health Agency After Single Year as Environmental Chief
12/17/04 7-16 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
12/30/04 7-17 Historic Preservation In Switch, Agency Declares Interstate System Exempt From Historic Preservation Regulations
12/30/04 7-17 Air Quality EPA to Propose Rule to Update Deadlines For Car Inspection, Maintenance Standards
12/30/04 7-17 Air Quality Rhode Island Adopts California Standards For Cars Beginning With Model Year 2008
12/30/04 7-17 Water Quality/Wetlands Army Corps, EPA Announce Agreement On Watershed Approach to Decisionmaking
12/30/04 7-17 Water Quality/Wetlands Broad-Based Coalition Proposes Legacy Plan To Clean Minnesota's Impaired Lakes, Rivers
12/30/04 7-17 Endangered Species Fish and Wildlife Service Must Review Status Of 200 Listed Species, Legal Foundation Says
12/30/04 7-17 Environmental Policy White House Report Calls for Reviews Of Environment-Related Rules, Policies
12/30/04 7-17 Climate Change 10th United Nations Conference Ends With Weak Agreement on Post-2012 Seminar
12/30/04 7-17 Land Use Final Rule Establishes New Framework For Developing Land Management Plans
12/30/04 7-17 Congress Senate Republicans Add Four New Members To Environment Committee, Increase Majority
12/30/04 7-17 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
1/7/05 7-18 Environmental Streamlining Streamlining Remains Priority in 2005 With Legislative, Administrative Initiatives
1/7/05 7-18 Air Quality EPA Issues Fine Particle Designations As Appeals, Challenges Appear Possible
1/7/05 7-18 Air Quality EPA Proposes Revised Performance Baseline For Gasoline Air Toxics Using Updated Data
1/7/05 7-18 Transportation Policy Virginia's Public-Private Transportation Act Spawns Questionable Road Projects, Study Says
1/7/05 7-18 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
1/14/05 7-19 NEPA Agencies Pursue Better NEPA Documents Through Clear Writing, Less Technical Jargon
1/14/05 7-19 NEPA 'Green Highway' Certification Promoted By Transportation, Environmental Agencies
1/14/05 7-19 Brownfields Brownfields Program Helps Redevelop Sites, But Needs Performance Measures, GAO Says
1/14/05 7-19 Air Quality Environmental Defense, Tech Think Tank Seek Bus Rapid Transit on Proposed HOT Lanes
1/14/05 7-19 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Gives Coastal Waters 'Fair' Rating In Report Showing Areas Needing Work
1/14/05 7-19 Water Quality/Wetlands U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to Study Ways To Move Dredged Material to Build Wetlands
1/14/05 7-19 Endangered Species Prairie Bird Inhabiting Oil, Gas Lands Will Not Get Federal Law's Protection
1/14/05 7-19 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
1/21/05 7-20 Water Quality/Wetlands Army Corps Changes Earlier Decision, Assumes Jurisdiction Over Syracuse Wetland
1/21/05 7-20 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA to Continue Focus on Monitoring, Wetlands, Restoration of Impaired Waters
1/21/05 7-20 Air Quality Canadian Official Says California Experience Offers Model for Reducing Auto Emissions
1/21/05 7-20 Air Quality State Efforts to Regulate Mobile Sources Win Attention, Diverge From Federal Plans
1/21/05 7-20 NEPA Long-Planned Maryland Highway Advances As Groups Continue to Pursue Alternatives
1/28/05 7-21 Air Quality Coalition Seeks Improved Fuel Efficiency To Reduce U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil
1/28/05 7-21 Air Quality Revised Ozone Criteria Document Available for Public Review, EPA Says
1/28/05 7-21 Air Quality EPA, Ford Partner to Test Commercial Diesel Technology
1/28/05 7-21 Air Quality Sen. Inhofe Reintroduces Clear Skies Bill; Legislation Unchanged From 2003 Version
1/28/05 7-21 Water Quality/Wetlands Agreement Between EPA, NOAA Intends To Promote Sustainability for Coastal Areas
1/28/05 7-21 Research DOT Seeks Comments on Priorities For Reorganized Research Office
1/28/05 7-21 Waste Management Problem of Used Tires on Mexican Border Tied to Accountability, Alternatives to Disposal
1/28/05 7-21 Environmental Policy Johnson Named Acting EPA Administrator Following Senate Confirmation of Leavitt
1/28/05 7-21 Environmental Policy United States Ranks 45th in Latest Ranking Of Countries' Environmental Sustainability
1/28/05 7-21 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
2/4/05 7-22 Environmental Streamlining Forthcoming Guidance Would 'Reinforce' Use of Planning Decisions in NEPA Analyses
2/4/05 7-22 Environmental Streamlining Groups Obtain Ten-Day Extension to Review DEIS on Maryland's Proposed ICC Highway
2/4/05 7-22 Air Quality EPA Paper Recommends Consideration Of Stricter Standard for Fine Particles
2/4/05 7-22 Air Quality Latest Ozone Criteria Document Finds 'Significant' Link to Adverse Health Effects
2/4/05 7-22 Air Quality International Auto Manufacturers Join Challenge To California Rules on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
2/4/05 7-22 Water Quality/Wetlands Developers Ask U.S. Supreme Court To Overturn Wetlands Filling Liability
2/4/05 7-22 Transportation Policy Rep. Young to Write Five-Year Plan Using Last Summer's Plan as Guide
2/4/05 7-22 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
2/11/05 7-23 Transportation Policy Rep. Young Introduces Updated Highway, Transit Reauthorization Bill
2/11/05 7-23 Air Quality House Members Urge Automakers to Accept Higher Fuel Economy Standards for Security
2/11/05 7-23 Transportation Policy DOT Budget Zeros Out Amtrak, Details Reauthorization Figures
2/11/05 7-23 Transportation Policy Less Money for Grants, Water Infrastructure As White House Unveils 5.6 Percent EPA Cut
2/11/05 7-23 Transportation Policy State Enforcement of Laws Would Drop If EPA Budget Request Approved, States Say
2/11/05 7-23 Climate Change Bills Reintroduced in Senate, House to Cut U.S. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by 2010
2/11/05 7-23 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
2/18/05 7-24 Air Quality Court Denies EPA Bid to Dismiss Lawsuit Seeking Controls on Mobile Toxic Emissions
2/18/05 7-24 Air Quality EPA, Partners Testing Full Hydraulic Hybrid, Clean Diesel Engine in Urban Delivery Truck
2/18/05 7-24 Environmental Streamlining Audit Finds Washington State DOT a Leader In Streamlining Efforts, Calls for Additional Steps
2/18/05 7-24 NEPA Lawsuit Alleges Alabama Highway Plan Fails to Assess Threats to Drinking Water
2/18/05 7-24 NEPA Workshop on Managing the NEPA Process For Complex Projects Planned by AASHTO
2/18/05 7-24 Transportation Policy Reorganized Agencies Regulating Pipelines, Hazmat, Research Will Be Operational Feb. 20
2/18/05 7-24 Noise FHWA Issues Updated Software For Highway Traffic Noise Research
2/18/05 7-24 Noise FHWA Allows State DOTs to Study Quiet Pavement Options, Pursue Pilots
2/18/05 7-24 Climate Change Kyoto Takes Effect Without U.S., Australia; Critics See Rising Pressures to Participate
2/18/05 7-24 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
2/25/05 7-25 Environmental Streamlining DOT Guidance Urges Use of Planning Analyses As Basis for NEPA Reviews
2/25/05 7-25 Endangered Species FHWA Legal Analysis Clarifies Consultation Provisions of ESA Section 7
2/25/05 7-25 Air Quality Diesel Pollution Causes 21,000 Early Deaths Per Year, Clean Air Task Force Report Says
2/25/05 7-25 Air Quality 18 State Diesel Retrofit Projects Awarded by EPA
2/25/05 7-25 Air Quality Rules Require Lower Emissions From California Transit Fleet Vehicles
2/25/05 7-25 NEPA Environmental Group Study Finds Proposed ICC Would Boost Fuel Use
2/25/05 7-25 Brownfields EPA Report Updates State Responses To Promote Brownfields Cleanup, Reuse
2/25/05 7-25 Land Use Groups Challenge Forest Service Regulation To Establish New System for Land Planning
2/25/05 7-25 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
3/4/05 7-26 Environmental Streamlining Agencies' Report to President Details Progress on Environmental Executive Order
3/4/05 7-26 Section 4(f) FHWA Revises Policy Paper, Updates Guidance on Section 4(f)
3/4/05 7-26 Air Quality House Panel Weighs Provisions To Revise Transportation Conformity
3/4/05 7-26 Air Quality Ethanol in Gasoline Boosts Some Emissions, According to California Air Board Draft Study
3/4/05 7-26 SAFETEA-LU House Panel Takes First Step by Backing Highway, Transit Bill, With Earmarks Aplenty
3/4/05 7-26 Transportation Policy Scenario Planning Said to Improve Transportation Decision Making
3/4/05 7-26 Context-Sensitive Solutions Context Sensitive Solutions Competition Launched By AASHTO Center for Environmental Excellence
3/4/05 7-26 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
3/11/05 7-27 SAFETEA-LU House Passes Transportation Bill With Environmental Sections Intact
3/11/05 7-27 Section 4(f) ACHP Exempts Interstate System From Section 106 Preservation Rules
3/11/05 7-27 Air Quality EPA Signs Rule to Reduce Emissions From Power Plants in 28 States by 2015
3/11/05 7-27 Air Quality Tie Vote in Senate Environment Committee Kills President's Clear Skies Bill in Congress
3/11/05 7-27 Air Quality EPA Seeks Model State Law To Limit Heavy Duty Truck Idling
3/11/05 7-27 Air Quality Bill Permitting States to Allow Hybrids To Use HOV Lanes Introduced in Senate
3/11/05 7-27 Air Quality Four-County Los Angeles Area Achieves Federal Air Standard for Carbon Monoxide
3/11/05 7-27 Environmental Policy EPA Seeks Applications for $300,000 Grant To Improve Programs' Environmental Results
3/11/05 7-27 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
3/18/05 7-28 SAFETEA-LU Reauthorization Bill Clears Senate Panels Amid Frustration Over Funding Levels
3/18/05 7-28 SAFETEA-LU Bike, Pedestrian Advocates Hail Progress, Seek Break Into Transportation Mainstream
3/18/05 7-28 Section 4(f) Practitioners See New FHWA Interpretation On Alternatives Selection Under Section 4(f)
3/18/05 7-28 Water Quality/Wetlands Bill Clarifying Scope of Water Act Offered By House Democratic Committee Leaders
3/18/05 7-28 Water Quality/Wetlands FHWA Guidance Clarifies Eligibility Of Advance Mitigation for Transportation Funds
3/18/05 7-28 Water Quality/Wetlands More Follow Up Needed on Oversight Of Mitigation Measures, Conference Told
3/18/05 7-28 Context-Sensitive Solutions FHWA-Sponsored Web Site Provides Wealth of Resources on CSS Implementation
3/18/05 7-28 Air Quality California Kicks Off Campaign to Promote Retirement of High-Polluting Motor Vehicles
3/18/05 7-28 Air Quality California Diesel Risk Assessment Only Standard Available, Speakers Say
3/18/05 7-28 Air Quality Tennessee County to Lower Speed Limits In Effort to Cut Nitrogen Oxides Emissions
3/18/05 7-28 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
3/25/05 7-29 Transportation Policy Administration Backs Giving Funds to States To Use For Rail System Rather Than Amtrak
3/25/05 7-29 Air Quality Washington Senate Considers Measure To Adopt California Emission Standards
3/25/05 7-29 Air Quality Senate Bill Doubles Renewable Fuel Supply By 2012, Voids Air Act Oxygenate Mandate
3/25/05 7-29 Air Quality Telecommuting Can Cut Congestion But Environmental Benefits Questionable, Study Finds
3/25/05 7-29 Air Quality Canadian Government Reaches Agreement With Automakers on Emissions Reductions
3/25/05 7-29 Air Quality Whitman Predicts United States Eventually Will Set Limits on Carbon Dioxide Emissions
3/25/05 7-29 Historic Preservation Pennsylvania Historical, Archeological Sites Now GIS-Mapped on PennDOT Internet Site
3/25/05 7-29 Endangered Species Property Owners Seek Review on Status Of 200 Protected Species in California
3/25/05 7-29 Land Use Interior Rule Seeks to Include More Agencies In Development of Federal Land-Use Plans
3/25/05 7-29 Water Quality/Wetlands Comment Period on Listing Guidance Extended Until April 22, EPA Says
3/25/05 7-29 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
4/1/05 7-30 Environmental Streamlining Agencies Report Progress on Policy Issues, Post Draft on Indirect, Cumulative Impacts
4/1/05 7-30 Environmental Streamlining TRB Committee Meeting To Address Truth, Fiction of Environmental Streamlining
4/1/05 7-30 NEPA EPA Upgrades Rating of Alternatives For Utah's Proposed Legacy Highway
4/1/05 7-30 Planning Scenario Planning Web Site Launched by Federal Highway Agency
4/1/05 7-30 Water Quality/Wetlands California Court Upholds Stormwater Rules; Towns in Los Angeles County Likely to Appeal
4/1/05 7-30 Sustainability Agencies Plan Forum to Advance 'Green Highway' Certification Effort
4/1/05 7-30 Air Quality Automakers, Oil Companies Sign Agreement With DOE to Put Hydrogen Cars on the Road
4/1/05 7-30 Invasive Species GAO Says More Funding Needed to Control Threat of Invasive Species to Ecosystems
4/1/05 7-30 Climate Change Ford to Examine How Its Policies Affect Greenhouse Gas Emissions
4/1/05 7-30 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
4/8/05 7-31 NEPA Congressional Task Force Established To Review National Environmental Policy Act
4/8/05 7-31 Historic Preservation Groups Oppose Draft House Language To Drop 'Consensus Determination' Process Under Section 106
4/8/05 7-31 SAFETEA-LU Environmental Group Protests Amendment To Highway Bill Altering States Toll Powers
4/8/05 7-31 Transportation Policy Trio of Virginia Laws Seek to Boost Private Roadbuilding, Speed Approvals
4/8/05 7-31 Transportation Policy Washington Senate Transportation Panel Backs Bipartisan Proposal to Raise Gas Tax
4/8/05 7-31 Air Quality EPA Adds 21 Counties in Nine States To Those Attaining Fine Particle Standard
4/8/05 7-31 Air Quality Federal Implementation Plan Will Govern Tribal Air Programs in Three States
4/8/05 7-31 Water Quality/Wetlands California Supreme Court Refuses to Review Challenge by Builders to Stormwater Rules
4/8/05 7-31 Climate Change Canadian Automakers Agree to Cut Vehicle Emissions of Greenhouse Gases
4/8/05 7-31 NEPA State Lawmakers Seek Restrictions On Massive Trans-Texas Corridor Plan
4/8/05 7-31 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
4/15/05 7-32 Environmental Stewardship AASHTO Environmental Excellence Center Expands Web Site, Offers New Tools for DOTs
4/15/05 7-32 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Upgrades 'Re:NEPA' Web Community With New Features, User Friendly Format
4/15/05 7-32 Environmental Streamlining Road Builders' Attorney Urges DOT To Expedite Reviews, Provide Flexibility
4/15/05 7-32 Air Quality 12 States Seek Remand of EPA Decision On Controlling Carbon Dioxide From Vehicles
4/15/05 7-32 Air Quality FHWA Guidance Clarifies Horizons For Metropolitan Long-Range Plans
4/15/05 7-32 Air Quality Energy Bill Scheduled for House Action Includes Deadline Extensions for Ozone
4/15/05 7-32 Endangered Species Fish and Wildlife Service Slashes Habitat For California Toad Species, Citing Costs
4/15/05 7-32 Endangered Species Critical Habitat Designation Needs Reform, But Interest Groups Disagree on Approaches
4/15/05 7-32 Environmental Policy EPA Guide Outlines Innovative Projects To Improve State, Federal Program Results
4/15/05 7-32 Brownfields EPA Program Lacks Adequate Measures To Gauge Performance, GAO Tells Congress
4/22/05 7-33 Historic Preservation 'Net Benefit' Programmatic Evaluation Offered By FHWA To Streamline Section 4(f) Reviews
4/22/05 7-33 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Marks Earth Day With Awards For Environmental Excellence in Transportation
4/22/05 7-33 Air Quality Illinois Unveils Initiative to Cut Emissions From Major Expressway Construction Project
4/22/05 7-33 Air Quality Link Between Heavy Traffic, Illness Builds; EPA Sees EIS Role as Scientists Probe More
4/22/05 7-33 Air Quality Existing Policy Insufficient for Reducing Impacts in 'Microenvironments,' Experts Say
4/22/05 7-33 Environmental Justice Agencies Would Have New Requirements Under Legislation Introduced in House
4/22/05 7-33 Climate Change Oregon Governor Announces Initiatives To Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions in State
4/22/05 7-33 Climate Change Diesel Hybrids Called Short-Term Solution For Reducing Emissions From Trucks, Buses
4/22/05 7-33 International Issues 'Smart Regulation' Program Launched in Canada To Streamline Assessments for Big Projects
4/29/05 7-34 Environmental Stewardship State DOTs Work Environmental Agenda As Leaders Stress Improving Communities
4/29/05 7-34 NEPA Field Hearing on NEPA Draws Full House, Critics of Breakthrough Environmental Law
4/29/05 7-34 SAFETEA-LU Effort to Kill Stormwater Mandate Turned Aside by Slim Vote in Senate
4/29/05 7-34 SAFETEA-LU Sierra Club Wants Road, Bridge Fixes To Trump 'Pork' in Reauthorization Bill
4/29/05 7-34 Air Quality Lung Association Says Most Americans Exposed to Poor Air, But Notes Improvement
4/29/05 7-34 Air Quality State Regulators Required to Demonstrate Contribution to Transport of Ozone Pollution
4/29/05 7-34 Water Quality/Wetlands Administration Report Touts Acreage Gains, But Activists Say Lost Acres Not Counted
4/29/05 7-34 Climate Change Senior EPA Official Says Voluntary Efforts To Cut Emissions as Good as Regulations
4/29/05 7-34 Climate Change Draft Form Setting Up Industry's Inventory Of Greenhouse Gases Out Soon for Comment
4/29/05 7-34 Endangered Species Fish and Wildlife Spending Consistent With Agency Guidelines, GAO Report Says
4/29/05 7-34 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
5/6/05 7-35 Environmental Streamlining Interagency Work Groups Offer 'Baselines' On Integrated Planning, Purpose and Need
5/6/05 7-35 Environmental Streamlining Interagency Committee To Unveil Prototype To Simplify Environment Permits for Pipelines
5/6/05 7-35 Environmental Streamlining CTE Web Cast To Review Progress On Streamlining, Stewardship Efforts
5/6/05 7-35 Air Quality EPA Issues Conformity Rule Addressing Fine Particle Precursors
5/6/05 7-35 Air Quality California Air Board Adopts Standard For Ozone Considered Toughest in U.S.
5/6/05 7-35 Air Quality Objections Raised to Attainment Designation For Ozone for Cincinnati, Surrounding Area
5/6/05 7-35 SAFETEA-LU Mineta Blasts Finance Amendment To Senate Transportation Legislation
5/6/05 7-35 Land Use Final Forest Service Rule Allows States To Challenge Designation of Roadless Areas
5/6/05 7-35 Endangered Species Washington Bull Trout Habitat Designation Could Cost $33 Million Annually, FWS Says
5/13/05 7-36 Environmental Streamlining Gallup Survey of Agency Relationships Seen As Step to Streamlined Project Reviews
5/13/05 7-36 Transportation Policy Annual Look at Traffic Congestion Sees More Commuters at Standstill
5/13/05 7-36 SAFETEA-LU After Two Weeks of Debate, A Final Vote is in the Works
5/13/05 7-36 Air Quality Washington Governor Signs Legislation To Adopt California Vehicle Standards
5/13/05 7-36 Air Quality New York City Mayor Signs Legislation Aimed at Reducing Motor Vehicle Emissions
5/13/05 7-36 Air Quality California Low-Emission Fleet Rules Upheld By Federal Court; Industry Says Appeal Likely
5/13/05 7-36 Air Quality Final Interstate Rule Gives Fewer Allowances To Some Power Producers; Lawsuits Possible
5/13/05 7-36 Brownfields $75.9 Million in Grants Awarded by EPA For Projects at 218 Contaminated Sites
5/13/05 7-36 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
5/20/05 7-37 SAFETEA-LU Rejecting Scale-Back Effort, Senate Passes Bill 89-11 With Billions in Added Spending
5/20/05 7-37 Air Quality Experts Review PM 2.5 Conformity Requirements, Look at Innovative Strategies To Reduce Emissions
5/20/05 7-37 Air Quality New York to Adopt California Standards For Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions
5/20/05 7-37 Air Quality Under Court Order, EPA Approves Plans To Reduce Ozone in Washington, D.C., Area
5/20/05 7-37 Water Quality/Wetlands Information on Condition of Streams Expected in December Report, EPA Says
5/20/05 7-37 Endangered Species Most Species Not Helped by Current Law, House Resources Committee Report Says
5/20/05 7-37 Endangered Species Administrative Reforms to ESA Implementation Could Be Useful, Environmental Defense Says
5/20/05 7-37 Endangered Species California Data Base to Protect Endangered Species
5/20/05 7-37 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
5/27/05 7-38 SAFETEA-LU House Appoints Highway Conferees; Senate Clears FY 2005 Funding Extension
5/27/05 7-38 Air Quality EPA Proposes Approval of State Plans For Early Attainment of Ozone Standard
5/27/05 7-38 Air Quality Phoenix Area Wins EPA 'Attainment' For One-Hour Ozone Health Standard
5/27/05 7-38 Energy Senate Panel Increases Ethanol Mandate, Sparking Turf Battle Between Chairmen
5/27/05 7-38 NEPA FERC Favors Streamlined Process For Environmental Review of LNG Terminals
5/27/05 7-38 NEPA Federal Appeals Court Upholds Order Blocking Development of Navy Airfield
5/27/05 7-38 Environmental Policy Bush Highlights His Environmental Record At Ceremony to Swear in New Administrator
5/27/05 7-38 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
6/3/05 7-39 Environmental Stewardship Public, Private Sector Officials Convene To Flesh Out Criteria for 'Green Highways'
6/3/05 7-39 SAFETEA-LU Senate Appoints 30 as Conferees To Consider Highway Bill Differences
6/3/05 7-39 Air Quality EPA Denies States' Petitions for Waivers From Reformulated Gasoline Requirement
6/3/05 7-39 Air Quality EPA Proposes Nonattainment Status Delays For 14 Areas Vowing Early Emissions Cuts
6/3/05 7-39 Air Quality Maine Imposes California Standards For Auto Emissions Beginning in 2009
6/3/05 7-39 Air Quality EPA Will Delay Deadline by 45 Days For Requiring Ultralow-Sulfur Diesel
6/3/05 7-39 Air Quality D.C., Maryland, Virginia Create New Board For Capital Region Air, Transport Planning
6/3/05 7-39 Air Quality Grants Help States to Reduce Emissions From Diesel Power, Report to EPA Shows
6/3/05 7-39 Climate Change Connecticut Legislature Approves Incentives To Reduce Greenhouse Gases From Vehicles
6/3/05 7-39 Climate Change Schwarzenegger Outlines Goal to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California
6/3/05 7-39 Historic Preservation Preservation Groups Sue FHWA in Conn. To Downsize Scenic Parkway Interchange
6/3/05 7-39 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
6/10/05 7-40 SAFETEA-LU Industry Letter to Highway Bill Conferees Reveals Preferences on Environmental Issues
6/10/05 7-40 SAFETEA-LU Conferees Meet, But Only to Voice Their Concerns, Not Resolve Them
6/10/05 7-40 Water Quality/Wetlands Proposal Expected With Tougher Provisions To Determine Success of Mitigation Projects
6/10/05 7-40 Air Quality DaimlerChrysler Diesel Concept Car Meets Tougher EPA, California Emission Standards
6/10/05 7-40 Air Quality EPA, Railroads Aim to Reduce Emissions, Fuel Use Through Voluntary Partnership
6/10/05 7-40 Air Quality EPA Finds Las Vegas in Compliance With 8-Hour Carbon Monoxide Standard
6/10/05 7-40 Endangered Species NRDC Lawsuit Alleges Government Failed To Act on Habitat for Endangered Mouse
6/10/05 7-40 Environmental Policy EPA's Johnson to Continue Bush Policies, Including Push for Clear Skies Legislation
6/10/05 7-40 Transportation Policy Business Coalition Urges Intermodal Upgrades To Cut Port Pollution, Protect U.S. Economy
6/10/05 7-40 Technology EPA to Host Two-Day International Forum On Environmental Technology Verification
6/10/05 7-40 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
6/17/05 7-41 Environmental Streamlining FHWA's New SEP-15 Program Gaining Traction; Three State Public-Private Road Projects Approved
6/17/05 7-41 Environmental Streamlining FHWA Offers Software To Help Agencies Set Schedules For Environmental Reviews
6/17/05 7-41 SAFETEA-LU Impact of No Highway, Transit Bill Discussed by State, Local Officials
6/17/05 7-41 SAFETEA-LU STPP Urges Conferees to Fully Fund Transit, Saying Transit Saves Households Thousands
6/17/05 7-41 Air Quality EPA Issues Clean Air Visibility Rule to Cut Haze-Forming Emissions From Power Plants
6/17/05 7-41 Air Quality Voinovich, Carper Bill Seeks $1 Billion For Diesel Emissions Reduction Grants
6/17/05 7-41 Air Quality EPA Advisory Panel's Final Report Endorses Reduction in Fine Particle Standard
6/17/05 7-41 Climate Change Senate Expected to Take Up Competing Bills Next Week to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
6/17/05 7-41 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
6/24/05 7-42 NEPA House NEPA Panel Visits Southwest As CEQ Launches Modernization Effort
6/24/05 7-42 Water Quality/Wetlands Court Sees No Need for Public Review Of Stormwater Permit Notices of Intent
6/24/05 7-42 Air Quality Atlanta Attains One-Hour Ozone Standard; EPA Approves 10-Year Compliance Plan
6/24/05 7-42 Air Quality Report Recommends Efforts to Improve Emissions Inventories in North America
6/24/05 7-42 Brownfields Economic Development Can Be 'Public Use' Justifying Exercise of Eminent Domain Power
6/24/05 7-42 Environmental Policy EPA Seeks Information in Response To Petition to Ban Lead Wheel Weights
6/24/05 7-42 Climate Change Senate Rejects Effort to Force U.S. Cuts In Greenhouse Gas Emissions on 38-60 Vote
6/24/05 7-42 Endangered Species Reforms Needed for Better Protections, Balance for Water Users, Congress Told
6/24/05 7-42 Waste Management Nevada Attorneys File Legal Brief Seeking New Studies of Yucca Mountain Rail Plan
6/24/05 7-42 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
7/1/05 7-43 Air Quality Sierra Club, Highway Agencies Settle Suit Over Air Emissions From Nevada Highway
7/1/05 7-43 Air Quality EPA, Plaintiffs Begin Talks to Settle Lawsuit Seeking Controls on Mobile Toxic Emissions
7/1/05 7-43 Air Quality State Air Regulators, Environmental Groups Call for Fine Particle Implementation Rule
7/1/05 7-43 Air Quality EPA Proposes Standards to Reduce Emissions From Stationary Diesel Engines
7/1/05 7-43 Air Quality Union Pacific, BNSF to Significantly Cut Diesel Emissions at California Rail Yards
7/1/05 7-43 SAFETEA-LU Congress to Send Bush Extension; Senate Reaffirms Transit Percentage
7/1/05 7-43 Transportation Policy April Marchese Named New Director For FHWA Office of Natural and Human Environment
7/1/05 7-43 Endangered Species Court Upholds Buffers to Protect Salmon, Tells EPA to Consult With Fisheries Service
7/1/05 7-43 Energy Senate Backs Energy Bill, Focus Shifts To Difficult Conference, August Deadline
7/1/05 7-43 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
7/1/05 7-43 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Center Solicits Feedback Through Online Survey
7/8/05 7-44 SAFETEA-LU Hill Staff Works on Reconciling Details Of Highway Bill After Broad Accord
7/8/05 7-44 Recycling EPA Report on Coal Ash Urges More Use Of Coal Byproducts in Highway Construction
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality EPA Rejects New Source Review Petition, Allowing States to Drop One-Hour Programs
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality More Stringent Standards for Particulates Recommended by EPA Staff to Protect Health
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality Special Fuel Blends Help Improve Air Quality But Can Limit Supply, Raise Prices, GAO Finds
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality Four New York Counties in Syracuse Area Meet Eight-Hour Ozone Standard, EPA Says
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality New Los Angeles Mayor Inherits Plan For Cutting Emissions at Port Complex
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality Gov. Taft Signs Ohio Budget Bill With Vehicle Emmission Testing Cuts
7/8/05 7-44 Air Quality New York City Council Passes Legislation Calling for Acquisition of Hybrid Taxicabs
7/8/05 7-44 Water Quality/Wetlands Legislation Banning MTBE in Gasoline Signed Into Law by Rhode Island Governor
7/8/05 7-44 Climate Change Canadian Airlines to Cut GHG Emissions Under Voluntary Agreement with Government
7/15/05 7-45 SAFETEA-LU Peters Announces Departure From FHWA As Conference Negotiations Continue
7/15/05 7-45 Air Quality Federal Appeals Court Panel Denies Petition By States to Seek Greenhouse Gas Regulation
7/15/05 7-45 Environmental Streamlining Maryland Selects Preferred Route For Planned Intercounty Connector
7/15/05 7-45 Transportation Policy FHWA Office Created To Promote Public/Private Partnership Initiatives
7/15/05 7-45 Energy House Retains MTBE Fuel Additive Waiver; Energy Conferees Pledge to Work Quickly
7/15/05 7-45 Endangered Species Fish and Wildlife Service Reviewing Status Of 31 Species in California and Nevada
7/15/05 7-45 Land Use EPA, Arts Endowment Fund New Institute To Promote Community Design, Smart Growth
7/15/05 7-45 Environmental Policy Nominee for EPA Deputy Administrator Would Emphasize Collaboration, Panel Told
7/15/05 7-45 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
7/22/05 7-46 SAFETEA-LU Congress Clears 10th Extension; Deal on Donor States Could Be Done
7/22/05 7-46 Environmental Justice EPA's Draft Environmental Justice Plan Would Slow Road Projects, ARTBA Charges
7/22/05 7-46 Air Quality EPA Agrees to Deadline for Controlling Hazardous Air Pollutants From Vehicles
7/22/05 7-46 Air Quality Report Details Air Impacts From Freight, Calls for Research on Emissions, Operations
7/22/05 7-46 Transportation Policy Pataki, N.Y. Legislature Leaders Sign Memo To Release $35.8 Billion for Transportation
7/22/05 7-46 Transportation Policy Senate Panel OKs Transportation Bill Largely Rejecting Bush's Spending Cuts
7/22/05 7-46 Energy Energy Conferees Racing to Finish; MTBE Liability Waiver Clouds Bill's Future
7/22/05 7-46 Transportation Policy FHWA, NOAA Leaders Sign Accord To Upgrade Bad Weather Information
7/22/05 7-46 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
7/29/05 7-47 SAFETEA-LU Compromise on Environmental Provisions Achieved in Highway Program Reauthorization
7/29/05 7-47 NEPA Agencies to Advance NEPA 'Modernization' Via Administrative Reforms, CEQ Direction
7/29/05 7-47 NEPA Industry Officials Urge NEPA Task Force To Streamline, Overhaul Review Process
7/29/05 7-47 Air Quality Rule to Implement Fine Particle Standards To Come by Mid-September, Holmstead Says
7/29/05 7-47 Air Quality FHWA Study Offers Way to Estimate Mobile Source Air Toxics Emissions
7/29/05 7-47 Air Quality Air Impacts of Land Use Policies Largely Unknown, FHWA Study Finds
7/29/05 7-47 Air Quality Firms Strike Deal With Port of Los Angeles, Will Upgrade, Replace Old Diesel Engines
7/29/05 7-47 Energy Energy Bill Clears House and Senate, Giving Bush Long-Sought Legislation
8/12/05 7-48 SAFETEA-LU President Bush Signs Highway Bill As Groups Review Environmental Provisions
8/12/05 7-48 NEPA Fourth Hearing on NEPA Draws Comment From Intermountain West Representative
8/12/05 7-48 NEPA CEQ Posts 'Useful Practices' for NEPA Implementation As Part of Modernization
8/12/05 7-48 Water Quality/Wetlands Appeals Court Reverses District Court, Allows Lawsuit Over Corps Permits to Proceed
8/12/05 7-48 Air Quality Highway Bill Directs States to Retrofit Diesel Equipment Used in Construction
8/12/05 7-48 Air Quality EPA Barred From Enforcing New Ozone Rule In Michigan Counties During Two-Year Study
8/12/05 7-48 Climate Change CO2 Emissions From U.S. Cars Jump 25 Percent In 13 Years, Environmental Defense Reports
8/12/05 7-48 Climate Change Vermont to Propose Emissions Standards To Restrict Greenhouse Gases From Vehicles
8/12/05 7-48 Environmental Justice GAO Finds EPA Inadequately Addressed Environmental Justice in Developing Rules
8/12/05 7-48 Environmental Justice EPA Extends Until Aug. 15 Comment Period For Five-Year Environmental Justice Strategy
8/12/05 7-48 Energy Academy Finds Big Challenges to Development Of Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles; R&D 'On-Track'
8/12/05 7-48 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
8/19/05 7-49 Air Quality New Guidance Available to Help Agencies With Vehicle Particulate Matter Inventories
8/19/05 7-49 Air Quality New Formula for Hybrid Vehicle Tax Credit Will Reduce Benefit for Performance Models
8/19/05 7-49 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Says Federal Permits Not Needed In Cases Involving Simple Water Transfers
8/19/05 7-49 Brownfields 2002 Environmental Disclosure Standards To Free Many Sites for Reuse, Attorney Says
8/19/05 7-49 Environmental Policy EPA Will Co-Host White House Meeting Highlighting 'Cooperative Conservation'
8/19/05 7-49 Environmental Policy Spending Bill's Rescission of EPA Grants Prompts Concerns From State Programs
8/19/05 7-49 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
8/26/05 7-50 SAFETEA-LU Highway Agency Offers Fact Sheets, Plans Web Site On SAFETEA-LU Provisions
8/26/05 7-50 SAFETEA-LU CAFE Proposal Shows Administration To Fight California Greenhouse Gas Rules
8/26/05 7-50 Environmental Policy EPA Denies Petition to Ban Use, Sale Of Lead-Containing Wheel Weights
8/26/05 7-50 Air Quality EPA Approves 'Early Action Compacts' For Faster Compliance With Ozone Standard
8/26/05 7-50 Air Quality Georgia-Pacific to Install Pollution Controls On Atlanta School Buses, Pay for Clean Fuel
8/26/05 7-50 Energy Energy Bill Program Promotes Bicycling Over Driving as Conservation Strategy
8/26/05 7-50 Transportation Policy Transportation Department Announces More Than $8.5 Million in University Grants
8/26/05 7-50 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
9/2/05 7-51 Ecology Sustainable Auto-Based Systems Needed To Limit Ecological Impacts, Meeting Told
9/2/05 7-51 Ecology Researchers Describe Progress in Efforts To Reduce Road Impacts on Wildlife, Habitat
9/2/05 7-51 Environmental Policy White House Conference Speakers Promote Collaborative Approach to Solving Problems
9/2/05 7-51 Environmental Policy EPA Announces 'Good Samaritan' Initiative To Remove Volunteers' Liability for Cleanup
9/2/05 7-51 Water Quality/Wetlands Handbook on Watershed Protection Announced by EPA at Conference
9/2/05 7-51 NEPA California, Oregon, New Mexico Sue Agriculture Department Over Roadless Rule
9/2/05 7-51 Climate Change Six States Seek Appeals Court Rehearing On Denial of Petition for Carbon Dioxide Rule
9/2/05 7-51 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
9/9/05 8-1 SAFETEA-LU Agencies Issue Guidance on Planning, Environment Provisions of SAFETEA-LU
9/9/05 8-1 Air Quality Deadline Set for Procedures to Determine Effect of Road Projects on Fine Particle Rule
9/9/05 8-1 Air Quality EPA Proposed Rule To Implement Air Quality Standard for Fine Particles
9/9/05 8-1 Air Quality Governor Signs Legislation to Cut Emissions From Diesel Powered Buses, Garbage Trucks
9/9/05 8-1 Air Quality Forum Finds Little Support for Agreement On Railroad Diesel Emissions in California
9/9/05 8-1 Land Use Bill to Counter Supreme Court's Decision On Eminent Domain Gets Bipartisan Backing
9/9/05 8-1 Hazardous Substances EPA Publishes Standardized Permit Rule; New Procedures to Save $3 Million Annually
9/9/05 8-1 NEPA Navy May Continue Certain Airfield Work While Conducting New Study, Court Rules
9/9/05 8-1 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
9/16/05 8-2 Water Quality/Wetlands Report Says More Than 11,000 Acres Lost Protection Due to Supreme Court Ruling
9/16/05 8-2 Air Quality House Members Introduce Bill to Raise Fuel Standard for Cars, Light Trucks
9/16/05 8-2 Air Quality New Jersey Proposes 'Clean Car' Rules Modeled on California Emission Standards
9/16/05 8-2 Historic Preservation AASHTO Polling States on Section 106 In Effort To Gauge Need for Legislative Fix
9/16/05 8-2 Endangered Species Groups Support Legislation to Create Species Program for Small Landowners
9/16/05 8-2 Climate Change United States, Canada Agree to Cooperate To Reduce Emissions From Freight Industry
9/16/05 8-2 Transportation Policy DOT Still Calculating Post-Katrina Needs; Lawmakers Not Likely to Redirect Earmarks
9/23/05 8-3 Endangered Species House Resources Committee Approves Broad Changes to Endangered Species Act
9/23/05 8-3 Environmental Stewardship Agencies Crafting Ecosystem Approach For Infrastructure in 'Eco-Logical' Guide
9/23/05 8-3 NEPA Congress Should Probe Role of NEPA Suits In Blocking Projects, House Task Force Head Says
9/23/05 8-3 NEPA Task Force Examines Potential Impacts Of NEPA on Energy Production, Rebuilding
9/23/05 8-3 NEPA Developer Sues Federal Highway Agency For Approving Road Interchange Project
9/23/05 8-3 Context-Sensitive Solutions Three States Awarded for CSS Efforts; Seven States Honored for Notable Practices
9/23/05 8-3 Air Quality Groups Urge HOT Lanes, Bus Rapid Transit As Solutions to Dirty Air, Congestion Woes
9/23/05 8-3 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
9/23/05 8-3 Environmental Streamlining Speakers Say Better Planning, Technology Training Key to Streamlining, Stewardship
9/23/05 8-3 Environmental Streamlining Review Process Called 'Win-Win,' As Officials Promise More Guidance
9/30/05 8-4 Endangered Species House Approves Measure to Overhaul Key Provisions of Endangered Species Act
9/30/05 8-4 Environmental Streamlining New Technologies Aim to Improve Environmental Decisions for Transportation
9/30/05 8-4 Air Quality Five School Bus Companies to Adopt Policy Of No Idling in New York City Metro Area
9/30/05 8-4 Air Quality California Agency's Study of Nine Counties Links High Levels of Fine Particles to Deaths
9/30/05 8-4 Planning FHWA Posts Results of Illinois Workshop To Advance 'Scenario Planning' Initiative
9/30/05 8-4 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Needs to Improve Watershed Approach To Protect Water, Inspector General Says
9/30/05 8-4 Climate Change Draft Plan Outlines Research to Accelerate Reductions of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
9/30/05 8-4 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/7/05 8-5 Water Quality/Wetlands GAO Urges Army Corps To Step Up Oversight of Wetland Mitigation Plans
10/7/05 8-5 Water Quality/Wetlands Hawaii Transportation Department to Spend $51 Million to Settle Stormwater Violations
10/7/05 8-5 Water Quality/Wetlands Colorado Fines Construction Firm For Stormwater Permit Violations
10/7/05 8-5 Endangered Species Senate Not Expected to Consider Changes To Endangered Species Act Until 2006
10/7/05 8-5 Air Quality EPA Leaves Existing Program In Place For Controlling Nitrogen Oxides in Parks
10/7/05 8-5 Transportation Policy Bill Would Coordinate Recovery Efforts, Assess Environmental Effects of Katrina
10/7/05 8-5 Energy House Approves Barton Refinery Bill Without New Source Review Provisions
10/7/05 8-5 Energy Pennsylvania, Consortium to Buy Diesel From Plant Converting Waste Coal to Fuel
10/7/05 8-5 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/14/05 8-6 Water Quality/Wetlands U.S. Supreme Court to Review Decisions By Sixth Circuit on Wetlands Regulation
10/14/05 8-6 Water Quality/Wetlands Report Finds Inconsistencies by Army Corps In Decisions Regarding Wetlands Jurisdiction
10/14/05 8-6 Transportation Policy Goals of 'Green Highway' Effort Shift From Certification to Recognition Program
10/14/05 8-6 SAFETEA-LU Implementation of Environmental Provisions To Be Addressed in Upcoming CTE Webcast
10/14/05 8-6 Air Quality Hybrids, Diesels Judged Most Efficient In EPA Fuel Economy Ratings for 2006
10/14/05 8-6 Climate Change Rhode Island Governor Proposes Adoption Of California Greenhouse Gas Standards
10/14/05 8-6 Climate Change Report Notes Effects of Climate Change on Species
10/14/05 8-6 Environmental Policy Senate Confirms Two Appointments at EPA, Positions at Fish and Wildlife Service, NRC
10/14/05 8-6 Transportation Policy DOT's Watchdog Begins Audit Of Agency's Hurricane-Related Activities
10/14/05 8-6 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/21/05 8-7 SAFETEA-LU State, Federal DOTs Confer on Environmental Mandates in SAFETEA-LU at AASHTO Forum
10/21/05 8-7 Water Quality/Wetlands Corps Can Restrict Development on Wetlands Separated by Man-Made Ditches, Court Rules
10/21/05 8-7 Water Quality/Wetlands Home, Road Builders Say Army Corps Overstepped Authority in 2001 Regulation
10/21/05 8-7 NEPA House NEPA Panel Adds Two Hearings; Findings, Proposals Now Due by Nov. 30
10/21/05 8-7 Climate Change California Democrats Defend State Rule Curbing Greenhouse Gases From Vehicles
10/21/05 8-7 Air Quality Pennsylvania Moves to Delay Implementation Of California Low-Emission Vehicle Standards
10/21/05 8-7 Air Quality Washington State Prepares to Adopt California's Vehicle Emission Standards
10/21/05 8-7 Environmental Policy State, Federal Regulators Unveil Strategies To Boost EPA's Performance Track Program
10/21/05 8-7 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
10/28/05 8-8 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Designates Eight Programs As 'Exemplary Ecosystems' for 2005
10/28/05 8-8 Air Quality EPA Guidance Helps Quantify Emissions Reductions From Commuter Programs In SIPs, Conformity Analyses
10/28/05 8-8 Air Quality Union Pacific Uses Hybrid Locomotives To Reduce Emissions at Texas Rail Yards
10/28/05 8-8 Air Quality EPA Releases Analyses of Power Plant Bills; Johnson Asks Congress to Adopt 'Clear Skies'
10/28/05 8-8 Climate Change Lawsuit Against California Auto Standards For Carbon Dioxide May Proceed, Court Says
10/28/05 8-8 Recycling EPA Official Outlines Agency Results In National Voluntary Recycling Program
10/28/05 8-8 Hazardous Substances EPA Task Force Offers 13 Recommendations To Address Long-Term Stewardship of Sites
10/28/05 8-8 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/4/05 8-9 Endangered Species Wildlife 'Action Plans' Offer New Opportunity To Address Transportation Impacts, Group Says
11/4/05 8-9 Air Quality State DOTs Get Advice on Air Toxics Pending Release of Draft Interim Guidance
11/4/05 8-9 Air Quality Comment Period Opens on Proposed Rule For Implementing Fine Particle Standard
11/4/05 8-9 Air Quality Diesel Engine Firms Struggling to Meet Upcoming EPA Emissions Control Rules
11/4/05 8-9 SAFETEA-LU Pre-NEPA Design/Build Pacts Authorized; Observers Want Latitude Set in Regulations
11/4/05 8-9 NEPA NEPA Task Force to Examine Whether Lawsuit Halted New Orleans Flood Protection
11/4/05 8-9 NEPA CEQ Says Adaptive Management Should Play Greater Role in NEPA Process
11/4/05 8-9 Brownfields 'All Appropriate Inquiries' Rule to Boost Private Cleanups of Brownfields, EPA Says
11/4/05 8-9 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/11/05 8-10 Environmental Stewardship EPA Calls for National Roadmap To Advance 'Green Highways' Initiative
11/11/05 8-10 Environmental Stewardship 'Green Highway' Opportunities Seen In Numerous Provisions of SAFETEA-LU
11/11/05 8-10 NEPA Panelists Spar Over Impact of NEPA Lawsuits On Louisiana Levees, Cattle Grazing Permits
11/11/05 8-10 Air Quality EPA Issues Phase 2 Rule for Ozone Standard, Exempts Power Plants From Some Controls
11/11/05 8-10 Air Quality Senators, Witnesses Say EPA Slow to Issue Rules, Guidance for Meeting Air Standards
11/11/05 8-10 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Issues Guidance for States to Reduce Pollution by Protecting, Restoring Wetlands
11/11/05 8-10 Historic Preservation FHWA Receives Preservation Award For Transportation Enhancements Program
11/11/05 8-10 Environmental Stewardship FHWA Employees Receive Awards For Environmental Accomplishments
11/18/05 8-11 SAFETEA-LU FHWA Staff Reviews Provisions, Status Of SAFETEA-LU Implementation Efforts
11/18/05 8-11 NEPA CEQ Says NEPA Does Not Need Major Overhaul But Could Be Improved
11/18/05 8-11 Energy Administration Updates Senate Committee On Efforts to Develop 'Hydrogen Economy'
11/18/05 8-11 Energy Legislation Introduced to Provide Incentives For Ethanol, Alternative-Technology Vehicles
11/18/05 8-11 Air Quality EPA Extends Comment Period, Sets Hearing On Rule to Implement Fine Particle Standard
11/18/05 8-11 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
11/25/05 8-12 NEPA Settlement, Legislative Action Clear Way For Legacy Parkway to Be Built In Utah
11/25/05 8-12 Air Quality Automakers Will Cooperate With EPA In Plan to Revamp Fuel Economy Testing
11/25/05 8-12 Land Use EPA Presents Smart Growth Awards For Projects, Policies, Communities
11/25/05 8-12 Climate Change New York Adopts California's Standards On Auto Emissions for Greenhouse Gases
11/25/05 8-12 Climate Change Vermont Adopts California's Standards To Curb Vehicle Greenhouse Gas Emissions
11/25/05 8-12 Water Quality/Wetlands Wisconsin Firm Petitions Supreme Court To Review Clean Water Act Jurisdiction
11/25/05 8-12 Water Quality/Wetlands Report Says Michigan Watersheds at Risk From Contaminated Stormwater Runoff
12/2/05 8-13 Transportation Policy Transportation Groups Seeks to Refocus Public Opinion on Benefits of Investment
12/2/05 8-13 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Says More Studies Needed To Justify Regulation for Parking Lot Sealants
12/2/05 8-13 Water Quality/Wetlands EPA Proposes Revised General Permits For Stormwater Dischargers From 29 Sectors
12/2/05 8-13 Air Quality Federal Agencies, Environmental Groups Reach Accord on Alternative Fuel Vehicles
12/2/05 8-13 Climate Change Washington Governor Signs Rule to Adopt California's Vehicle Emissions Standards
12/2/05 8-13 Climate Change Maine Adopts California Standards On Greenhouse Gas Auto Emissions
12/2/05 8-13 Environmental Policy EPA Shuts Down EDOCKET System, Directs Users to Government-wide Site
12/2/05 8-13 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO Items Recently Posted on AASHTO's Center for Environmental Excellence Website
12/9/05 8-14 SAFETEA-LU FHWA Offers Guidance on Triggering SAFETEA-LU Statute of Limitations

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