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9/12/03 6-2 Transportation Policy With 20 Days to Go, Lawmakers Now Arguing Over TEA-21 Extension
9/12/03 6-2 Environmental Streamlining New Hampshire Highway Project Clears Key Environmental Obstacle
9/12/03 6-2 Water Quality/Wetlands N.H. Supreme Court Overturns Denial Of Wetlands Permit for Road Expansion
9/12/03 6-2 NEPA DOT Seeking Supreme Court Review Of Ruling Over Access for Mexican Trucks
9/12/03 6-2 Environmental Stewardship ARTBA 'Globe Awards' Recognize Environmental Excellence in Construction
9/12/03 6-2 Environmental Justice Report Says EPA, DOT, Other Agencies Have Not Fully Implemented 1994 EJ Order
9/12/03 6-2 Invasive Species Lack of Requirement to Control Species Cited as Major Drawback in Current Law
9/12/03 6-2 Brownfields FY 2004 Agency Funding Legislation Expands Communities Eligible for Grants
9/26/03 6-4 NEPA White House Task Force Releases Report To Expedite Federal Environmental Reviews
9/26/03 6-4 Environmental Streamlining Officials Say Year-Old Effort to Streamline Transportation Projects Considered a Success
9/26/03 6-4 Historic Preservation Advisory Council Proposes Changes To Rules Governing Section 106 Reviews
9/26/03 6-4 Transportation Policy Report Charges That Highway Lobby Money Yields Weakened Environmental Policy
9/26/03 6-4 Air Quality Conference Committee's Draft Report Urges Study on Alternatives to CAFE Rule
9/26/03 6-4 Air Quality More Diesel Trucks Could Cut Emissions, Improve U.S. Fuel Economy, Report Says
9/26/03 6-4 Endangered Species Western State Governors Urge Reform of Endangered Species Act
10/3/03 6-5 Environmental Stewardship AASHTO Center Offers One-stop Source for Environmental Information
10/3/03 6-5 Transportation Policy As Congestion Worsens, Americans Spend More Time Each Year Stuck Sitting in Traffic
10/3/03 6-5 Land Use N.C. Study Finds Road Projects Have Little Impact on Local Growth
10/3/03 6-5 Air Quality EPA to Provide Air Quality Forecasts Based on Particulate Matter in 146 Cities
10/3/03 6-5 Air Quality EPA Downgrades Metropolitan Atlanta To Severe Nonattainment Area for Ozone
10/3/03 6-5 Endangered Species Critical Habitat Designations Hampered By Litigation; Guidance Needed, GAO Reports
10/3/03 6-5 Water Quality/Wetlands First Public Listing Indicates MTBE Found in 27 States, Thousands of Utilities
10/10/03 6-6 Air Quality Political Backing Needed to Move Sectors To Cut Greenhouse Gases, DOT Report Says
10/10/03 6-6 Air Quality California Plans Challenge to EPA Decision Not to Regulate Carbon Dioxide Emissions
10/10/03 6-6 Air Quality California Governor Signs Laws to Promote Fuel-Efficient Tires, Limit SUV Purchases
10/10/03 6-6 NEPA Bush Administration's NEPA Task Force Announces First in Series of Public Meetings
10/10/03 6-6 Hazardous Substances Hazardous Emissions From Site Remediation Will Be Cut in Half by Final Rule, EPA Says
10/10/03 6-6 Hazardous Substances EPA Releases Guide on RCRA Corrective Action
10/10/03 6-6 Water Quality/Wetlands Bill to Allow Nonpoint Source Funds For Stormwater Plans Introduced in Senate
10/10/03 6-6 Water Quality/Wetlands New Hampshire Sues 22 Oil, Chemical Firms For Alleged Pollution of Water With MTBE
10/10/03 6-6 Water Quality/Wetlands Nominations for Watershed Project Grants Sought
10/10/03 6-6 Center for Environmental Excellence by AASHTO AASHTO Issues Request for Proposals For Environmental Technical Assistance Program Support
10/17/03 6-7 Air Quality California Air Board Says Children Riding Diesel Buses Exposed to More Pollutants
10/17/03 6-7 Endangered Species Bush Administration Gets Mixed Reviews On Agreements for Voluntary Conservation
10/17/03 6-7 Hazardous Substances Panel Developing Due Diligence Standard Close to Completing Proposal for EPA Review
10/17/03 6-7 Environmental Policy Leavitt Nomination Reported by Committee But Obstacles to His Confirmation Remain
10/17/03 6-7 Environmental Policy Texas Government Restructuring Bill Urges Streamlined Environmental Permitting
10/17/03 6-7 Environmental Policy Comments, Suggestions to Be Taken On EPA's Draft Report on Environment
10/24/03 6-8 Air Quality Conformity Rule Revisions to Give Flexibility To Project Plans Under Tougher Air Standards
10/24/03 6-8 Air Quality Air Pollution Will Continue Decline, Researcher Tells Congressional Staff
10/24/03 6-8 Air Quality Most Fuel-Efficient 2004 Vehicle Models Made by Honda, Toyota, Agencies' Guide Says
10/24/03 6-8 Climate Change States, Cities, Advocacy Groups File Lawsuit Saying EPA Has Authority to Regulate Gases
10/24/03 6-8 Historic Preservation ACHP Extends Comment Period For Proposed Section 106 Change
10/24/03 6-8 NEPA Environmentalists Sue Highway Agencies In Bid to Block Extension of Vermont Road
10/24/03 6-8 Water Quality/Wetlands Guidance for State Grants to Address Runoff Emphasizes Watershed Approach
10/24/03 6-8 Transportation Policy Senate Committee Says Deal Reached On Highways Bill; Markup Scheduled
10/24/03 6-8 Environmental Policy Western Business Interests Form Group To Increase Clout on Environmental Issues
10/31/03 6-9 Environmental Streamlining Senate Reauthorization Draft Offers Limited Delegation, Sidesteps 4(f) Reforms
10/31/03 6-9 Energy Lawmakers Hopeful Cheney Can Resolve Impasse on Tax Issues, Including Ethanol
10/31/03 6-9 Air Quality Fifth Circuit Court Upholds Clean Air Plan for Houston

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