On May 14, the New Mexico Department of Transportation launched its inaugural Small Business Training and Resources or “STAR” program; a 14-week course designed to provide support and resources for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises or DBEs and other small businesses seeking to work with NMDOT.

[Above image by NMDOT]

The STAR program will guide participants through corrections and improvements to any financial, managerial, technical, or labor conditions which could potentially prevent them from receiving project contracts. The agency added that the program’s “carefully crafted curriculum” is designed to ensure that participants receive a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their unique business needs.

NMDOT noted that its new STAR program is free for all participants and offers a “powerful blend” of expert-led workshops, practical tools, and personalized coaching tailored to propel DBEs and small businesses forward in the government contracting sector.

“Having a program that offers support and essential training to DBEs helps grow our local economy and business community. NMDOT wants small businesses to have more opportunities to partner with NMDOT and in turn, bolster the local business economy,” noted Ricky Serna, NMDOT secretary, in a statement.

The agency said the STAR program includes weekly online sessions, networking opportunities, a supportive environment, personalized coaching, and a professionally filmed and edited marketing video that will help advertise each business to its fullest potential. 

NMDOT pointed out that all small businesses looking to do business with the agency are eligible for this program; with first preference given to New Mexico-certified DBEs certified in the core construction and design category within the North American Industry Classification System.