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PA Title

Programmatic Categorical Exclusion Process Agreement

PA Overview

The succinct six page agreement establishes a procedure that streamlines the environmental process for Categorical Exclusions.  It includes streamlining provisions for advance concurrence that the actions described in the Agreement normally are found to have no significant social, environmental or economic impact. Georgia DOT agrees to act on behalf of the FHWA in assuring compliance with all applicable federal environmental and related requirements.


Georgia Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration - Georgia Division

Date of Latest PA

>June 2008

Expiration Date

None provided.

Renewal Provisions/Process

The agreement can be amended upon reaching consensus among signatories on proposed changes.

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Applies to projects which qualify as Categorical Exclusions as defined by 23 CFR 771 and meet the eligibility and threshold requirements of the PA.

Key Attributes

The agreement allows multiple projects having the same scope (at different locations) to be included under one CE document. The “batch” approach provides enhanced opportunity to reduce paperwork and processing time. Provisions include a list of eligible scopes of action, environmental impact threshold criteria as well as a monitoring procedure conducted jointly between FHWA and GDOT every two years.  Documentation is provided using a checklist which also lists environmental commitments (green sheet), as well as provisions for environmental reevaluation of CE findings.  Actions cannot be processed programmatically if it involves any use of a resource protected by Section 4(f) (including de minimis).

Comments on Development/Use of PA

The PA was developed in one year.

Estimated # of Projects Served or Processed Under Agreement (per year)

Approximately 400 projects have been processed under the agreement. In general, shortens time frames by two to three months.


Jonathan Cox
NEPA Section Chief
Georgia Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Services
(404) 631-1197

Katy Allen, P.E.
Environmental Team Leader
Federal Highway Administration, Georgia Division
(404) 562-3657

Web Address

File Attachments

GAProgrammaticCEProcess.pdf (511 kb)

AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
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