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Programmatic Categorical Exclusion Agreement Between the Federal Highway Administration and the Ohio Department of Transportation

PA Overview

The recently approved document establishes a procedure for Categorical Exclusions, to reduce paperwork and streamline development of federal actions which do not have significant impacts on the environment.  It places these projects into five groups (exempt and levels one to four, with FHWA approval for level four). Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC) agree to act on behalf of the FHWA in assuring compliance with all applicable federal environmental and related requirements.


Federal Highway Administration
Ohio Department of Transportation
Ohio Rail Development Commission

Date of Latest PA

>August 2010

Expiration Date

None included.

Renewal Provisions/Process

A renewal process is not included.

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It applies to all Federal Aid projects which meet the Class II-Categorical Exclusion (CE) actions as defined in Section 23 CFR 771.117 (and as amended).

Key Attributes

The MOU lists criteria for each of five levels of CE action with increasing complexity and level of environmental review: Exempt; Level 1; Level 2; Level 3; Level 4.  Each CE Level requires completion of a specifically designated form approved by ODOT, ORDC, and FHWA (to facilitate implementation of the agreement.  A comprehensive list of activity types and a list of screening impacts are provided for each CE level. CE levels, Exempt through 3, are approved by ODOT at designated organizational levels. Level 4 CEs requires FHWA review and approval.  Provisions describe signature authorities within the agency.  The signatures involve certifications that provisions of the PA have been met for the project. The PA includes provisions for environmental re-evaluation of CE classifications and provisions for environmental commitment compliance.   Full compliance with the PA is determined by a joint process review by FHWA and ODOT to determine if modifications are required.  On a semi-annual basis ODOT provides FHWA a list of projects processed under the PA.

Comments on Development/Use of PA

The current PA version took approximately three months to develop.

Estimated # of Projects Served or Processed Under Agreement (per year)

Since the PA was approved in August, 2010, performance information is not available yet. The earlier 2003 version processed 7,405 CE level projects.


Timothy M. Hill (Primary Contact)

Timothy M. Hill
Office of Environmental Services
Ohio Department of Transportation
(614) 644-0377

Web Address


File Attachments

CE Prog Agree Update.doc (174 kb)

AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
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