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Programmatic Agreements Library (PAL) Database

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PA Title

Programmatic Agreement for the Review and Approval of NEPA Categorically Excluded Projects between the Federal Highway Texas Division and the Texas Department of Transportation

PA Overview

The agreement provides for expeditious processing of CE level actions by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) under the guidance and with the approval of FHWA, Texas Division. CE actions which exceed Blanket and Programmatic criteria are submitted to FHWA for review and approval. 


Texas Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration - Texas Division

Date of Latest PA

>October 2004

Expiration Date

Expiration date is not included.

Renewal Provisions/Process

Provisions are included for modifying the agreement.

Geographic Coverage Display



Applies to projects which qualify as Categorical Exclusions as defined by 23 CFR 771 and meet the eligibility and threshold requirements of the PA.

Key Attributes

The list of actions covered by the PA reflect those included in FHWA’s regulations as well as additional actions which, by well documented experience in Texas, do not normally cause significant environmental impacts.  A list of 23 Blanket Categorical Exclusions (BCE), 13 Programmatic Categorical Exclusions (PCE) are provided.  A list of ten environmental threshold conditions is also provided to guide decision-making.  Texas DOT provides FHWA monthly reports of projects processed as PCEs. An extensive Project Classification Guidance section for NEPA Documentation list is also provided as Attachment A.  The PA also includes provisions for more FHWA approved exceptions for added flexibility. The agreement includes additional streamlining provisions for “Grouped Documentation” for CE actions having the same minimal environmental impact anywhere they occur in Texas.  FHWA would allow actions that could be individually processes as PCEs or CEs to be “batch processed” by combining them on an appropriate basis. It is noted that public involvement applies to all types of CEs in Texas.

Comments on Development/Use of PA

The 2002 version of the PA took several months to develop.  The current 2004 version only included minor changes.

Estimated # of Projects Served or Processed Under Agreement (per year)

The total number of projects approved as PCEs since the original document (1990) through August 2010 is 6,373. It saved at least 30 days for each project.


Lisa Hart (Primary Contact)

Lisa Hart
Texas Department of Transportation
(512) 416-2626

Web Address


File Attachments

TXDOTandFHAPAforNEPA.pdf (1 mb)

AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
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