This webinar addresses how water quality is affecting the project delivery process, describes post-construction treatment best management practices, and discusses green infrastructure and low impact development implementation for highways.

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Presented by:

Anna Lantin, P.E., Facilitator, AASHTO Stormwater Community of Practice, Michael Baker International

Water Quality and the Project Delivery Process
Andrew McDaniel, P.E., Highway Stormwater Program Manager, North Carolina Department of Transportation

Emerging BMPs and Issues
Scott McGowen, P.E., Chief Environmental Engineer, Caltrans, Chair AASHTO Stormwater Work Group

Green Infrastructure/Low Impact Development Implementation
Kenneth Stone, P.E., Environmental Manager, Washington State Department of Transportation

Webinar first conducted December 8, 2015 as part of the AASHTO Stormwater Community of Practice Web Forum, made available by AASHTO in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.