The Sustainability Community of Practice (CoP) is a forum for state DOT practitioners, metropolitan planning organization (MPO) practitioners, and other transportation stakeholders to hold regular discussions on emerging sustainability issues, analyze the state of the practice, and share their experiences with implementation. The Sustainability CoP is led by AASHTO’s Sustainability Working Group, which was established by the Committee on Environment & Sustainability in 2020 to reflect the growing importance and consideration of sustainability among AASHTO members.

Sustainability Community of Practice Webinars

The Sustainability CoP hosts quarterly webinars on issues affecting sustainability practitioners and their work. See below for participant registration links, webinar recordings, and presentations.

Embodied Carbon: How State DOTs Can Evaluate Sustainable Pavements and Building Materials (November 2021)

In November 2021, AASHTO’s Sustainability Working Group hosted a webinar focused on embodied carbon as a component of the total GHG emissions resulting from construction and maintenance projects, including manufacturing building materials, transporting those materials to job sites, and using various construction practices. As a result, states are increasingly considering the environmental effects of the pavements and building materials they choose. The webinar featured speakers from FHWA, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc., California, and Oregon. Webinar recording.

Roadside Solar: How State DOTs Can Use the Right-of-Way for Renewable Energy Generation (August 2021)

In August 2021, AASHTO’s Sustainability Working Group hosted a webinar focused on roadside solar projects at state DOTs. State DOTs own and maintain significant “right-of-way” or ROW areas along highways that can be used for renewable energy generation. These roadside solar projects can help states meet renewable energy and greenhouse gas emission targets while reducing costs, increasing resilience, and creating new revenue streams. The webinar featured speakers from Georgia, Maryland, and Minnesota. Webinar recording and presentations.

Current Sustainability Efforts Across State DOTs (May 2021)

In May 2021, AASHTO’s Sustainability Working Group hosted a webinar focused on sustainability efforts currently under way across state departments of transportation. The event highlighted results from a national survey conducted by the Working Group. The survey gathered feedback from state DOTs on core elements of their work on sustainability, including programs, practices, funding, and staffing. State DOT leaders from Arizona, Minnesota, and Washington also joined the event to share insights and lessons learned from their experiences to date, like how states can advance sustainability efforts and what they hope to accomplish in the future. Webinar recording and presentations.