An Asset Management System for Sustainable Snow and Ice Control

Focus Area



Air Quality, Environmental Process






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

This project will preliminarily develop a Snow and Ice
Control Asset Management System (SICAMS) for cold-climate DOTs, in order to
promote sustainability in winter maintenance operations. While a phased
approach may be taken to accomplish this, the proposed research may include:
(1) survey current practices and best practices for snow and ice control
operations by  DOTs and other maintenance
agencies, with a focus on those identified in the FHWA INVEST tool (rules of
practice, RWIS, materials management plan, and MDSS), alternatives/available
options, performance measures, and institutional issues; (2) collect the
relevant DOT data on winter highway maintenance and assets (bridges, pavements,
culverts and other roadside facilities, surrounding environments, motor
vehicles, etc.) and integrate these with existing maintenance management system
(MMS) information on a GIS platform; (3) develop a SICAMS prototype using the
collected data; (4) making viable recommendations to implement the research

Urgency and Payoff

Considerable amount of research is needed in to fill
the knowledge gaps and establish a scientifically robust, defensible decision-making
process for highway winter maintenance. In recent years, maintenance management
systems (MMS) have evolved from tracking of maintenance activities and
accomplishments to performance-based planning and resource allocation,
embracing the concept of asset management. Recent research at WTI has explored
various ice control products for winter maintenance operations and illustrated
that the use of chloride-based products for sustainable winter maintenance
necessitates the application of a balanced perspective and collaborative
decision-making among all relevant stakeholders. In this context, a study to
integrate best practices of winter highway maintenance operations under the
asset management framework is timely and much needed.

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