Center for Environmental Excellence

The Center for Environmental Excellence by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has been developed in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration to promote environmental stewardship and to encourage innovative ways to streamline the transportation delivery process. The Center is designed to serve as a resource for transportation professionals seeking technical assistance, training, information exchange, partnership-building opportunities, and quick and easy access to environmental tools.

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Technical Working Group

The work of the Center is overseen by a Technical Working Group comprised of the following members:

  • Carlos Braceras, Utah DOT, Chair
  • Ron Achelpohl, Mid-America Regional Council
  • Michael Culp, FHWA
  • Gail D’Avino, Georgia DOT
  • Mark Walls, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • David Harris, New Mexico DOT
  • Tim Hill, Ohio DOT
  • Jeff  Neal, North Central Texas Council of Governments
  • Patty Leavenworth, Massachusetts DOT
  • Charles Kovatch, U.S. EPA
  • Neil Pedersen, Transportation Research Board
  • John Chisolm, Caltrans
  • Bill Keyrouze, Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
  • Ernay Robinson, Georgia DOT
  • Tim Sexton, Minnesota DOT
  • Mike Sintetos, National Center for Sustainable Transportation, UC-Davis
  • Jennifer Toth, Maricopa County DOT
  • Sarah Wingert, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Working with the Center Technical Working Group, the Center will produce a three-year strategic plan that includes a mission, a vision, goals, and actions that will be taken to achieve those goals.

If you are interested in partnering and/or leveraging to accomplish the Center’s goals, please contact Melissa Savage at [email protected].

2019-2020 Work Plan

Information Exchange & Marketing Plan

The Center will develop and execute an Information Exchange and Marketing Plan to provide a framework for expanding outreach and distribution of Center products and services to key transportation stakeholders. The framework will include leveraging existing networks through current partners like the Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations and the Transportation Research Board. Furthermore, the plan will outline methods for using social media platforms and other web-based tools to increase engagement and outreach with other environment and transportation stakeholders. Information Exchange & Marketing Plan

Speaker’s Bureau and Transportation Research Board Collaboration

Under this task, the Center for Environmental Excellence will support the participation of state DOT practitioners in national conferences, and summits, such as the Transportation Research Board annual meeting and committee meetings. The Center will compile a list of potential speakers comprised of state DOT practitioners, members of the Center Technical Working Group including State DOT representatives, MPOs, resource agencies, and other selected experts that are available to make presentations during national conferences and other venues. This task will enable the Center to develop customizable presentations for practitioners to deliver during AASHTO Standing Committees, Transportation Research Board sessions and meetings, and other relevant conferences, summits, and meetings to be identified in collaboration with FHWA.

Center Web Site and Environmental Research

The Center will maintain the existing website (, which is the central location for DOT staff, resource agencies, and other transportation partners and practitioners to access the Center’s resources, products and programs. The website will be regularly updated with news and information regarding environmental legislation, webinars, trainings, innovations and case studies. Additionally, publications, recordings and other information produced through this work plan will be posted to the website. The Technical Working Group will help identify relevant news sources, best practices and other types of content to publish on the website.

The Center will also continue to maintain the Transportation and Environmental Research Ideas (TERI) database – a central storehouse for tracking and sharing new transportation and environmental research ideas. TERI provides a timely, organized, and comprehensive list of research ideas to policy makers and researchers as they make choices in forums such as TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program. Additionally, the Center will maintain the Case Law Updates on Environment (CLUE) and the Programmatic Agreements Library (PAL) databases.