Center for Environmental Excellence

The Center for Environmental Excellence by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) has been developed in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration to promote environmental stewardship and assist transportation agencies in achieving environmental excellence in the delivery of transportation programs, projects, and policies. The Center is designed to serve as a resource for transportation professionals seeking technical assistance, training, information exchange, partnership-building opportunities, and quick and easy access to environmental tools.

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CEE Advisory Board

The work of the Center is overseen by an Advisory Board comprised of the following members:

  • Carlos Braceras, Utah DOT, Chair
  • Amber Dallman, Minnesota DOT
  • David Harris, New Mexico DOT
  • Mark Wall, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Darlene Weaver, Oregon DOT
  • Tim Hill, Ohio DOT
  • Ernay Robinson-Perry, Georgia DOT
  • Alison Stettner, Florida DOT
  • Tim Sexton, Minnesota DOT
  • Yatman Kwan, CalTrans
  • Gloria Jeff, Minnesota DOT
  • Rhonda Fair, Oklahoma DOT
  • James Gavin, FHWA
  • Sarah Wingert, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Charles Kovatch, U.S. EPA
  • Susan Handy, National Center for Sustainable Transportation, UC-Davis
  • Bill Anderson, Transportation Research Board
  • Ross Van Dongen, Accelerator for America
  • Mark Rupp, Georgetown Climate Center
  • Sarah Gimont, National Association of Counties
  • David Terry, National Association of State Energy Officials
  • Tom Curtin, National Governors Association
  • Mark Teschauer, US Climate Alliance
  • Allie Kelly, The Ray

If you are interested in partnering and/or leveraging to accomplish the Center’s goals, please contact Josh Rodriguez at [email protected].

2022-2023 Work Plan

Task 1.0: Administration

Task 1.1: Advisory Board*

  • Advisory Board formation and FHWA approval within 30 days of award.
  • Hold Annual Advisory Board meeting.
  • Hold Quarterly Advisory Board meetings.

Task 1.2: Work Plan Development*

  • Initial Draft Work Plan (Provide to FHWA 60 days after contract award and/or by February 15th each year)
  • Final Draft Work Plan (Provide to FHWA 90 days after contract award and/or by March 15th each year)
  • Final Work Plan (Provide to FHWA 120 days after contract award and/or by April 15th each year)

Task 1.3: Performance Management*

  • Develop task evaluation forms and processes.
  • Identification and use of a project management tool.
  • Hold monthly conference calls with FHWA point of contact.
  • Submit Quarterly Progress Reports.

Task 2.0: Branding, Marketing, and Communications*

  • Develop and implement Branding, Marketing, and Communications Plan.
  • Hold monthly meetings with AASHTO communications and marketing staff.
  • Exhibit at select industry meetings and conferences including TRB 2023.

Task 3.0: The Center for Environmental Excellence Website*

  • Enhance and maintain website.
  • Development content and post relevant news and events.
  • Hold monthly meetings with website sub-contractor (Stratacomm).

Task 4.0: Environmental Research Database*

  • Promote and review the Transportation and Environmental Research Ideas (TERI) database.
  • Update and maintain Programmatic Agreement Library (PAL) and Case Law Updates on the Environment (CLUE) Database.
  • Finalize the update of eight (8) Practitioner Handbooks initiated during the previous agreement.
  • Finalize report on Considerations for Integrating Stormwater Assets into Transportation Asset Management Programs.

Task 5.0: Establish the Center’s new Equity Community of Practice (CoP)

  • Establish an Equity CoP to oversee the Center’s focus on equity.
    • The Equity CoP will collaborate with the Center Work Plan’s Task Teams and assist with the application of an equity lens to the planning and implementation of all Center tasks.
  • Develop and implement the equity in mobility pilot program.
    • The program will help Center visitors make equitable decisions by delivering resources such as, trainings and webinars, guidance documents, best practices, and peer-to-peer exchanges that highlight distinct equity issues associated with a variety of Center topics of interest including: environmental compliance, multi-modalism, sustainability, climate change, resiliency transportation planning, project development, construction, maintenance, community engagement, and operations.
    • Topics or areas of focus include but are not limited to: best practices for engagement between State DOTs and tribal governments; best practices for considering equity in NEPA analysis; and applications, data analysis tools, and considerations of equity in holistic transportation planning and design.
  • Partner with COMTO and NCLS.
  • Focus Areas: Racial Equity & Barriers to Opportunity

Task 6.0: Develop content and/or resources for use by a wide and more non-traditional audience of Center Visitors

  • Develop resources including white papers, case studies, and webinars.
  • Sponsor in-person and virtual peer exchange(s) focused on topics selected by the Task Team.
  • Proactive outreach and engagement with non-traditional partners.
  • Partner with NADO and AMPO.
  • Focus Areas: Rural Outcomes and Non-Traditional Partnerships

Task 7.0: Re-establish the Sustainability Community of Practice (CoP) within the Center

  • Re-establish the Sustainability CoP to oversee the Center’s focus on sustainability, climate change, and resilience.
  • Develop a variety of resources (i.e. white papers, case studies, and webinars) focused on the topics of sustainability, climate change, and resilience.
  • Sponsor in-person and virtual peer exchange(s) focused on the topics of sustainability, climate change, and resilience.
  • Partner with AASHTO’s CES and CTSSR plus WSP.
  • Focus Areas: Climate Change and Sustainability, Resilience

* Tasks are required as part the U.S. DOT FHWA Notice of Funding Opportunity and the Cooperative Agreement 693JJ32250015