Analysis of Alternatives to CAFE for Increasing Fleet Fuel Economy

Focus Area



Air Quality






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

The purpose of this research is to follow up on the NRC committee work on CAFE and provide analyses of different alternatives to CAFE. An evaluation of different alternative CAFE structures would be performed including, but not limited to gallon target. An example is modification to the existing CAFE structure: 1)  Fuel economy-based systems, where each manufacturer gets a fleet-average miles per gallon; 2) Attribute-based standards, such as weight, size, and class. The goal is to provide comprehensive analyses that could be used to explain each alternative; that is, how the concept works and the impact on cost, manufacturer flexibility, fuel consumption reduction, safety, and inequities between manufacturers. To help illustrate the various impacts, the analyses should include likely manufacturer response. A market-based system, such as continuously variable manufacturer incentives (feebates). Tradable credits to determine their impact with fuel economy-based systems and attribute based not consider taxes or other mechanisms directed primarily at consumers instead of manufacturers should include the economic efficiency of the system, equity (or fairness), and potential for gaming (loopholes).

Suggested By

ADC70, Transportation Energy Committee, as specified in the TRB Research Needs Database, 2009.