Climate Change, Displacement, and Environmental Justice Populations

Focus Area

Environmental Justice


Community & Cultural Concerns, Environmental Process







Research Idea Scope

Brief background of issue and its importance:  Development projects, conflicts, and disasters can cause displacements of persons or communities.  It is anticipated that with global climate change the number of displaced persons may be unprecedented.  It also had been suggested that the low-income persons will be affected disproportionately.  Some evidence of these impacts have been observed following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma.  Of particular concern has been the impacts of the displacements on other communities and public transport systems, particularly community-based systems or those in rural or small urban areas.


Exact nature of the question(s) to be addressed

What are the impacts of displaced persons on local public transport systems?  What transport resources do displaced persons need to aid in recovery? 


Ideas about potential methodology

Survey of transport providers in receiving communities; interviews/survey of displacement persons; analysis of emergency/disaster plans as related to transport of displaced persons.

Suggested By

ADD50, Environmental Justice in Transportation Committee, as specified in the TRB Research Needs Database, 2009.