Compile and Evaluate Existing Technologies to Develop Best Management Practices for Addressing Prevention and Remediation of Contamination from Deicing Operations

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Throughout the country, many departments and agencies have removed ice from transportation
facilities for many years due to safety considerations. Although much research has been
performed, gaps in the research remain. Specifically, storage, handling, and the use of de-icing compounds continue to cause contamination that affects water supplies, resulting in remedial, compensatory, and regulatory action. Additionally, an accumulation and evaluation of prior research has not been performed.

1. Identify and accumulate prior research relating to environmental issues associated with
    de-icing compounds.
2. Evaluate information accumulated in Item 1 for gaps in research relating to storage,
    handling, and use of deicing compounds and remediation of soils and water contaminated by deicing compounds.
3. Provide recommendations for:

• Best management practice (BMP) for the storage, handling, and use of de-icing
compounds and solutions to prevent contamination of soils and waters;
• Additional research is needed concerning storage, handling, and the use of de-icing
compounds, and remediation technologies for contaminated soils and water; and
• Remediation of soils, surface water, and groundwater affected by de-icing

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