Design, Build, Operate and Maintain (DBOM) Contracting

Focus Area

Water Quality/Wetlands


Natural Resources




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Research Idea Scope

The US interstate highway system is essentially complete, and was constructed in large part without the benefit of stormwater quality features to improve highway runoff water quality or measures to mitigate increases in runoff rate and volume. Stormwater NPDES permits for DOTs are beginning to include assessments and programs to retrofit water quality measures in existing highway infrastructure. In some cases, a design, build, operate and maintain (DBOM) model may be a useful tool to achieve a large scale stormwater retrofit program. The purpose of this synthesis topic is to provide background information on the DBOM model, and discuss modifications or refinements needed to apply this model to constructing stormwater management infrastructure. Information should also be provided on public private partnerships (P3) and their relationship to this contracting model. The product of this topic would be a contracting model that DOTs could use as a framework to employ this process for constructing stormwater treatment infrastructure

Urgency and Payoff

The Maryland SHA is using the DBOM model to meet their water quality obligations for the Chesapeake Bay Program. This design/construction/operation model appears to have promise when a large amount of infrastructure is needed in a relatively short period of time. This is precisely the situation that DOTs will find themselves in as they respond to Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) and NDPES Permit requirements to add water quality treatment infrastructure. This Topic is timely, and will provide DOTs the information needed to evaluate this tool.

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