Develop a Compendium of Sustainable Design Ideas for Use by a Wide Range of Transportation Segments and Test the Design Methodologies in a Pilot Case

Focus Area

Waste Management/Recycling/Brownfields


Environmental Process, Natural Resources







Research Idea Scope

Ideas for sustainable design generally pertain to manufacturing operations and office and residential building design. Although the basic principles of sustainable design are the same, the specific needs of transportation are not addressed. Therefore, research needs to be conducted to outline the sustainable design requirements for transportation programs based on the following elements:
• Conserving energy use of renewable energy sources;
• Enhancing indoor environmental quality;
• Conserving materials and resources;
• Improving operations and maintenance; and
• Conserving water.
The research also needs to identify the most efficient means of integrating sustainable design concepts into the design of transportation projects and systems. Specifically, the research should:
  1. Identify sustainable design methodologies that can be applied to a broad range of transportation organizations. The methodologies can be based on domestic and international organizations that use sustainable design concepts in their planning and design processes.
  2. Create a reference database of sustainable design ideas and approaches that have the potential to enhance transportation projects.
  3. Create a system that would enhance the ability of the transportation industry to access the database and constantly update it with newly developed practical sustainable design approaches.
  4. Identify a pilot project to apply the sustainable design methodology. Work with sponsoring agencies to implement the methodology and monitor the pilot project.
  5. Develop a summary of lessons learned and create a system to allow effective dissemination of lessons learned to all stakeholders.

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Transportation Research Board 2002 Environmental Research Needs Conference Notes

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