Develop Environmentally Sensitive Designs for New and Retrofitted DOT Highway Maintenance Facilities

Focus Area

Construction and Maintenance Practices


Environmental Process, Natural Resources






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

Problem Statement:
Many facilities required in transportation operations and maintenance have evolved to the present by expansion, modification, and adaptation of design and materials common to several years ago. At this point most are inefficient with respect to size and energy consumption for heating, lighting and ventilation; have environmentally unsafe or inadequate capacity for storage, treatment, or disposal of recyclable items, sewage, and other waste; provide inadequate salt storage, loading and runoff containment; include aging, difficult to inspect underground storage tanks; and lack suitable, dedicated storage for solvents, herbicides or potentially hazardous materials.
Proposed Research:
Building on TCRP SYNTHESIS 7, Transit Maintenance Facility Design, develop typical design alternatives for small, medium and large operations and maintenance facilities that provide safe, efficient work space, vehicle and equipment storage, environmentally safe storage and containment systems for spills or rinsate from cleaning operations; include reusable, recyclable and recycled building materials; identify environmentally low impact heating, cooling and lighting alternatives, biological treatment systems for waste water that can meet EPA standards; and develop design criteria for environmentally safe underground fuel storage and investigate alternative above ground storage or procurement from commercial sources.

Suggested By

2002 Research Needs Conference Idea Transportation Research Circular Number 469