Developing Better Ways to Measure the Number of Alternative Fuel and Advanced Technology Vehicles

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Air Quality




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TERI Administrator Note (Feb 2009) – Energy Information Administration, Alternatives to Traditional Transportation Fuels 2006 (Part II – User and Fuel Data); May 2008; Contains detailed data on the use of alternative fueled vehicles (AFVs) and the amount of fuel they consume.

Project also recommended be ADC30 Alternative Transportation Fuels Committee, as specified in the TRB Research Needs Data Base, 2009.

At present, there is no standard procedure for identifying alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles in the on-road fleet. This study will investigate alternative classification methods in use in various states, overseas, and by different manufacturers. A list of potential options will be developed and compared on such criteria as accuracy (i.e., ability to correctly categorize vehicles), processing speed, ease of implementation, and cost to establish and maintain. The results of the comparison will be provided to appropriate local, state, and federal agencies to assist them in the selection and use of improved classification methods.

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Transportation Research Board 2002 Environmental Research Needs Conference Notes

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