Disclaimers and Alternatives in DOT Social Media Use

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Research Idea Scope

FHWA and legal advisors have often insisted on the
prominent display of disclaimers in conjunction with social media, which
practitioners fear discourages public involvement. Such disclaimers often
indicate that limited use will be made of the information shared on social media
and direct users to more formal ways to share and file their opinions.  At the same time, successful, multi-year
social media dialogue has led to high degrees of public involvement and
comprehension of tradeoffs, to the extent that members of the public and even
former opponents explain decisions to late participants to the dialogue.  This research project will explore the extent
to which disclaimers are still/really necessary and the alternative ways in
which transportation agencies are dealing with these challenges.

Urgency and Payoff

Social media use and the limitations thereon are
current issues for DOTs, and social media can be a highly efficient and
effective form of public outreach. 
Understanding of the necessity of disclaimers will assist the use and
efficiency of this tool.

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