How Does/Will the Use of Social Media Affect the NEPA Process?

Focus Area

NEPA Process


Environmental Process






Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

With the use of FaceBook and Twitter, and the internet in general, the public has the ability to organize, share information (both accurate and inaccurate) quickly and with an incredibly large distribution.  This effects the way a project team communicates with the public, and also takes more time in responding and putting out fires.  The public can find the head of agencies, and elected officials involved and flood them with emails, phone calls, etc.  and have an impact on every aspect of a project.

Identify what is happening on a national level, and what a strategy might be to deal with the incredibly fast paced flow of communication, while the pace of analysis and decision making stays the same.

Urgency and Payoff

Consistent means to utilize and manage social media forms during NEPA studies

Suggested By

Cory Pope/Brandon Weston, Utah Department of Transportation

[email protected]