Hypothetical Case Studies for Project-Level Air Quality Analyses for Particulate Matter

Focus Area

Air Quality


Air Quality






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

Templates for modeling of various typical
transportation project types would be developed in this proposed study. The
modeling would be conducted using the latest updates to US EPA models and
guidance. Associated documentation for the templates may also be prepared as
part of this study, based on 2012 NCHRP 25-25 Task 71 report “Templates
for Project Level Analysis Using MOVES, CAL3QHC/R, and AERMOD”.


Depending on the results of the analyses and available
resources, the proposed study may also develop a template for a local /regional
Programmatic Agreement/Categorical Finding for Particulate Matter, designed to
be readily-customized by state DOTs for nonattainment/ maintenance areas in
their respective jurisdiction & then executed with the US DOT (in
consultation with EPA for the finding).



This topic was discussed at the 2013 annual meeting of
the AASHTO Subcommittee on Environment (SCOE).

Urgency and Payoff

The proposed study would help streamline
environmental clearance processes and improve quality control by both
facilitating project-level air quality analyses for particulate and at the same
time guiding modelers to complete their analyses to meet federal requirements
and guidance. Additionally, depending on the scope of the final study,
environmental clearance processes may be further streamlined if templates for
local./regional programmatic agreements /categorical findings are developed and

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