Incentives to Encourage the Adoption of Low-Carbon Transportation Technologies

Focus Area

Air Quality


Air Quality






Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

Scope: Zero and near-zero emission transportation technologies such as electric and hybrid electric vehicles are critical element in California’s strategy in achieving energy security and in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.  Given higher incremental costs of these technologies as a potential barrier for early adoption, it is important to provide funding incentives to cover the incremental costs.  In this context, South Coast Air Quality Management District, in collaboration with state agencies such as California Air Resources Board, has implemented various incentive programs to promote voluntary early adoption of advanced low carbon transportation technologies.  Funding sources for such programs ranges from bond sales to automobile registrations and smog check certifications.  Studies to develop additional incentive funding programs and identify potential funding sources for currently available electric and hybrid electric vehicle technologies would enhance adoption rate of these technologies.

Urgency and Payoff

This is a near-term emission reduction strategy for the South Coast Air Quality Management District to meet 2014 and 2023 federal PM2.5 and ozone standards.  This study and its subsequent implementation is urgently required to reduce substantial amounts of criteria pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

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