International scan on the successful accommodation of renewable energy technologies in highway ROW

Focus Area



Air Quality, Environmental Process






Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

The objective of the proposed international scan would
be to collect lessons learned and success stories from the earliest adopters of
the novel approach to power generation.

Urgency and Payoff

State DOTs in the US are beginning to explore the use of
highway ROW for accommodating renewable energy technology. To date, few
domestic examples exist from which technology options and/or business model
approaches can be gleaned. The Volpe Center prepared for FHWA a recent report
to facilitate deployment, see

By examining what other countries have done successfully
to foster highway ROW as a resource for energy production, storage and
utilization, state DOTs will be better equipped to consider their own highway
renewable energy opportunities, and to implement international  Best Practices applicable to the US
transportation and energy regulatory environment.

Suggested By

Carson Poe, Gina Filosa, and Aviva Brecher, USDOT Volpe Center 617-494-2765

[email protected]