Investigate the Social and Economic Equity Effects of Transportation Infrastructure Investment Decision-Making

Focus Area

Environmental Justice


Community & Cultural Concerns, Environmental Process







Research Idea Scope

TERI Database Administrator Notes: Not recommended at present time by 2009 Subcommittee on Cultural Resources.

Research is needed to identify and document how current investment policies
affect different groups and interests, with particular attention to minorities and
the economically disadvantaged. Both detailed case studies and cross-sectional
and longitudinal studies are appropriate. Findings from this research should,
over the longer run, support investigations into alternative methods of finance
and their comparative equity and impacts.

Policy analyses and empirical research that illuminate the causes of disparities
in transportation investment are needed. Such research could examine
decision-making processes, including models of decision making and “world
views,” that result in greater or smaller disparities, and could help identify ways
to improve transportation equity and avoid, minimize, or mitigate adverse effects.

Suggested By

Transportation Research Board Special Report 268 Surface Transportation Environmental Research (2002)

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