Microhabitat Analysis of Bat Roosting locations on Bridges Across the United States

Focus Area

Project Delivery/Streamlining






Over $750k


2-3 years

Research Idea Scope

To better understand the microhabitat preferred by roosting bats on bridges; I propose a nationwide (random selection) of bridges across the US. A comprehensive, multi-year analysis would need to be implemented that would take into account, bridge material, humidity, temperature, surface texture, predation risk, noise and vibration levels, and various other metrics.

Urgency and Payoff

We currently can not rule out bats on bridges in Georgia without physically surveying each bridge prior to construction. This slows down project delivery and stretches resources of the department and of the contractors. Being able to rule out certain bridges as unsuitable from a desktop review would save each state DOT a large sum of money from the implementation of unnecessary special provisions to the wasted time required during surveys.

Suggested By

Jeffrey A. Jackson Georgia Department of Transportation 404-631-1801

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