Mitigation Values of Wildlife Crossing Enhancements with Transportation Projects

Focus Area

Wildlife & Ecosystems


Natural Resources




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Research Idea Scope

Wildlife crossings and enhancements are often integrated into transportation projects and are becoming a larger aspect with long-term mitigation planning for many state DOTs and transportation agencies. There are unknowns regarding methods to calculating the values of connected habitats, improvements to wildlife permeability, and mitigation crediting with certain types of wildlife enhancements on highways. This research task would collect information and present the body of knowledge regarding habitat valuing methods, metrics and criteria for credit development, and project crediting mechanisms for wildlife connectivity improvements.

Urgency and Payoff

This research would provide information and data on an innovative approach to achieving mitigation for certain types of transportation projects with wildlife corridor planning. Preserving wildlife functions and values also supports national and state policies and guidance related to landscape-level mitigation.

Suggested By

Amy Golden California Department of Transportation 916-653-8566

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