Noise and Vibration from Automated People-Movers

Focus Area



Community & Cultural Concerns, Environmental Process






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

Problem Statement
More than 100 automated people-movers (APMs) of various kinds and sizes now operate around the world.
Urban planners, engineers, and architects often consider using APMs to link activity nodes and serve remote parking and transit. They have little data on actual experience with noise and vibration from APMs. This discourages them from considering APMs in general and also from specific applications, which integrate stations and guideways into urban buildings. A better understanding of the noise and vibration characteristics of APMs may lead to their more widespread use.
Proposed ResearchDefine a sample range of APMs and collect consistent objective data on noise and vibrations (some of which may already exist) in a form useful to planners, engineers, and architects. Compare these findings with light rail transit, heavy rail transit, bus, and other forms of public transport. Produce a user-friendly database and guidebook.

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RNS. Sponsoring Committee: ADC40, Transportation-Related Noise and Vibration Source Info: Research Needs Conference