Noise Barrier Materials and Maintenance Costs

Focus Area



Community & Cultural Concerns, Environmental Process






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

Noise Barrier Maintenance Costs: the scope of the project consists of surveying state DOTs to determine the annual (or periodic) maintenance costs of noise barriers (by material type). The results of the survey would be compiled into a final report/document that includes a comprehensive summary and analysis of noise barrier maintenance costs by material type. Tasks include: 1) Survey of SDOT noise programs 2) Summary/Analysis of Data 3) Report production

Urgency and Payoff

Many states have difficulty justifying the use of less expensive noise barrier materials due to concerns over the long-term maintenance costs associated with these materials. Having access to published data related noise barrier costs would allow states to consider and potentially use a wider variety of material types. The “payoff” could potentially include 1) increased cost savings associated with noise barrier construction 2) greater protection of the human environment (if less costly materials could be used, therefore making more barriers cost effective) and 3) use of more sustainable materials in noise barrier construction.

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