Procedures/agreements for managing the proposal and listing of new species under the Endangered Species Act

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Research Idea Scope

A survey of DOTs, FHWA offices, USFWS and federal land managing agencies for practices adopted to manage project review given the uncertainty associated with increasing listing of new species under the CBD and WEG lawsuit settlement with USFWS. How are projects that are in construction treated if a new species (candidate or not) is proposed for listing? What procedure is used for conference on “May affect, not likely to adversely affect” level of determination for proposed species? Does the USFWS office receive a slew of letters the day after a final listing is printed in the Federal Register and what is the risk of non-compliance if a response is not received before the species listing is final 30 days later?

Urgency and Payoff

Compiling the different strategies that agencies have adopted to manage the new species proposals and listings will allow this information to be shared across states and may help bring to light BMPs for managing this process.

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