Quantifying the stormwater benefits of mode shift to transit

Focus Area

Environmental Considerations in Planning








Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

Most stormwater work focuses on how to manage stormwater generated off of impervious roadways. However, getting people to switch from driving alone to taking the bus takes cars off the road, and prevents further roadway expansion. The stormwater benefits of this mode shift is a great reason to promote transit, but the qualitative stormwater benefits are not easily available. Another facet of this work should be to understand the stormwater impacts of gasoline cars vs. hybrids vs. electric cars to see what the respective pollution generation is, with respect to stormwater.

Urgency and Payoff

In many areas, water quality continues to decline and threaten wildlife and human health. At the same time electric vehicles are looked to as a fix for climate change, without recognizing their stormwater impacts. Getting a grasp on this information can ensure we go in the right direction with transportation as we try to avert air, water, and climate impacts.

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Hester Serebrin Transportation Choices Coalition

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