Reference Case Studies for Project-Level Air Quality Analyses

Focus Area

Air Quality


Air Quality






1-2 years

Research Idea Scope

The development of standard reference cases for modeling various project types and pollutants would benefit state DOTs that are transitioning to the new federal models and guidance for project-level air quality analyses. The reference cases would have three primary benefits: 1. In the near term, supporting objectives for streamlining and quality control by providing modelers with vetted examples of modeling for each transportation project type and pollutant. 2. In the medium to long term, supporting the possible future development and/or refinement of programmatic agreements by providing vetted modeling results for various project types and pollutant . 3. In the longer term, supporting the implementation of interface software package currently in development in NCHRP 25-48. The reference cases may be incorporated into future updates of the interface software (either the original software or third party) to support the process of setting up model runs for a given project type and pollutant and comparing results.

Urgency and Payoff

As noted above.

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