Regional Transit Parking Plan for the Puget Sound Region

Focus Area

Land Use


Environmental Process






2-3 years

Research Idea Scope


A regional transit parking plan is needed in the Puget Sound region to better integrate current and planned parking facilities to the regional transit system. A survey of best practices in other regions and a comprehensive comparision of parking policies and regulations within the various jurisdictions and entities within Puget Sound should be conducted. Coordination with cities, counties, transit agencies, and private and public agencies would be needed. The plan would develop a framework to help direct future development of parking facilites that serve the regional transit system. 

Urgency and Payoff

In the Puget Sound area, transit service is provided by multiple agencies and across city and county lines. Park and Ride facilities lack regional coordination and there are a large number of agencies involved, each with different objectives and policies that often in conflict with one another. The Puget Sound region is expected to continue to experience significant population growth, which will lead to a further increase in demand for transit service. Access to transit facilities at park and ride facilities will be a key issue that if not addressed will limit the effectiveness of the regional transit system.  

An integrated regional park and ride policy would result in parking facilities that are developed and operated in a way that best supports the regional transit system.

Suggested By

Mike Flood, Washington State Department of Transportation, 206-464-1291

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