Research Roadmap for Air Quality, Climate Change and Energy

Focus Area

Air Quality


Air Quality




Under $99k


Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

This study would develop recommendations for future research topics for air quality, climate change and energy, i.e., a research roadmap. Recommendations would be developed to cover all available NCHRP funding programs (including not only general funding but also specific programs for committee support, off-cycle, implementation, domestic scan, synthesis, and legal issues) as well as possible transportation pooled funds. A survey would be conducted of state DOTs to identify key challenges facing them that may benefit from research. It would also obtain their input on potential research topics to address those challenges. Additionally, it would gauge their interest in participating in pooled fund research on specific high priority topics. Other surveys may also be conducted, e.g., of TRB Air Quality Committee members and friends, although the focus would still be on meeting state DOT needs. Research need statements would be drafted for each of the recommended priority topics. This topic is intended for consideration for funding under the Committee Support Program (NCHRP Project 20-123).

Urgency and Payoff

Future air quality research proposals for NCHRP funding would benefit from a roadmap that covers not only general NCHRP topics (as has been the focus in the past) but also other NCHRP programs as well as pooled funds.

Suggested By

Christopher Voigt Virginia DOT (804) 371-6764

[email protected]