Selecting plant species for roadside safety while supporting pollinator and stormwater functions

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Wildlife & Ecosystems


Natural Resources




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Research Idea Scope

Survey of DOTs, wildlife scientists and landscape architects to summarize species that are valuable for roadside revegetation, pollinators and/or stormwater applications but are not likely to attract wildlife to the roadsides. Wildlife can be attracted to roadside vegetation for reasons such as early green-up of roadside plants compared to the surrounding area or palatability of species (white clover is a favorite of deer and frequently suggested for pollinator habitat). This research would gather and summarize expertise from practitioners as listed above and literature sources and develop a procedure for considerations or screening of species under consideration for roadside use. This idea arose from discussions at the SCOE Natural Resources summer meeting.

Urgency and Payoff

Creating pollinator habitat and green infrastructure for stormwater management could create significant environmental benefits, but many DOT practitioners are concerned with creating conditions that will increase wildlife-vehicle collisions. This research would assist with tailoring vegetation selection for roadside use.

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