Survey and compilation of on- and off-structure bat mitigation approaches and designs

Focus Area

Wildlife & Ecosystems


Natural Resources




Under $99k


Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

Survey of DOTs, MPOs, LPAs and NGOs regarding bat management strategies, mitigation on and off structures, effectiveness, and general cost benefit analysis including maintenance implications and costs.

Urgency and Payoff

Management of bat habitat and bat populations using transportation-related structures is becoming increasingly important. Many species of bats have distributions that cross several states. A synthesis of the approaches different DOTs and MPOs have taken to manage bats in relation to road and bridge construction and maintenance and mitigation approaches, including both successes and lessons learned, would be beneficial for states across the U.S. (Combination of TERI ideas 482, 605, and N-6)

Suggested By

Kris Gade Arizona DOT 602-292-0301

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