Synthesis of Methodologies for Determining a State Transportation Department's Carbon Footprint

Focus Area

Climate Change


Air Quality, Environmental Process






Under 1 year

Research Idea Scope

Identify methodologies and systems that can be utilized to determine a state/city department of transportation’s green house gas (GHG)emissions and carbon footprint. The methodologies or systems should include the entire transportation program to include but not be limited to the annual construction and maintenance programs. The synthesis report should provide an analysis of the methodology or system to identify the inputs needed in order to calculate a STD’s carbon footprint.  The synthesis report should also describe the outputs of the methodology or system.

Urgency and Payoff

The Systhesis Report will provide STD leadership with the information needed to make an informed decision on what methodology or system to select for detemining the agencies carbon footprint.

Suggested By

Gary C. Fawver, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation