Synthesis of State DOT Noise Policies

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Community & Cultural Concerns, Environmental Process




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Research Idea Scope

While 23 CFR 772 outlines how state DOT’s will implement noise analysis and abatement procedures for highway improvement projects, many of the important policy decisions are left to the states to determine. A synthesis of state DOT noise policies would be helpful in that states could understand how their state policy compares to others around the nation. It would also allow for good ideas to be emulated and implemented in other states as policies are updated.

Urgency and Payoff

It’s anticipated that FHWA will implement a major revision to 23 CFR 772 soon. After that point, each state will have to rewrite its noise policy to comply with the new regulation. Once that happens, the most recent policy synthesis which was completed in 2013 and amended in 2015 would be fully obsolete and there would be a need for a new synthesis to facilitate sharing information about noise policy in the new regulatory environment. This synthesis would be a helpful to state DOT’s in “working out the kinks” as we all try to move forward delivering projects under the new regulations.

Suggested By

Daniel Burgin and AASHTO Noise Work Group Oregon Department of Transportation 503-509-7415

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